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Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Tue, 05 Sep 2000 14:07:30 -0400

This IS still significantly below what the state of NH has identified for
afordable housing needs for NH (900+ per year) and does nothing to
address several years of building only 50-150 units per year under
republican administrations (like 16 years worth).

It also does not address NH reluctance to amend building code to include

I will also take the end of the wager that this number is (one) NOT
built, (two) not built with even a minumum of 30 of the units being
wheelchair accessible. (three) not built with deaf fire alarms (four)
raised character signage. Tho I have CCed this to our governor and do
humbly suggest that if she wants my vote her organization aught to be
reading this mail.

Come on Jean 2000 disabled readers wanna know.

Tom Cagle
PO Bx 744
Henniker NH 03242

On Sun, 03 Sep 2000 23:12:34 -0700 (PDT) Tom Boland <wgcp@earthlink.net>
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> 6/_itox/starnet/_svc/news/_Id/674186881/_k/j0bvieToY4NYI8hI
> FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Sep 01, 2000
>      Associated Press Writer
> MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) _ Financial aid to low-income families,
> incentives for the landlords who rent to them and the construction
> of affordable homes all will increase under initiatives Gov. Jeanne
> Shaheen announced Thursday.
> A task force Shaheen created has been working to alleviate the
> state's affordable housing crunch since March. As a result of its
> work, the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority has agreed to
> increase the number of affordable housing units it will build next
> year from 400 to 600, 50 of which will be for senior citizens.
> The group also will double funding for its emergency rental
> program that helps families on the brink of becoming homeless and
> will hire at least eight workers to scour the state and help
> families find housing.
> Shaheen said providing affordable housing not only helps
> families but ensures the success of the state's businesses and
> economy.
> ``Housing is tied directly to our state's ability to attract
> skilled workers, and without skilled workers, our businesses can't
> continue to grow,'' she said. ``We recognize that there is not one
> magic answer that's going to solve the affordable housing crunch we
> have ... that's why we've taken a comprehensive approach to this
> challenge.''
> The Department of Health and Human Services is starting a pilot
> program in Manchester that will guarantee landlords receive up to
> three months of rent if they rent to low-income residents. The
> state also has doubled the amount it loans families statewide for
> security deposits, from $1 million to $2 million, and has obtained
> 500 more federal vouchers that subsidize rent for people moving off
> welfare.
> Representatives from several state and local agencies joined
> Shaheen in front of a former abandoned building that Manchester
> Neighborhood Housing Services has turned into apartments and an art
> studio for neighborhood children.
> Mayor Bob Baines, whose mother grew up nearby, praised the
> efforts to make the neighborhood safe and welcoming once again.
> ``This proves that partnership works,'' he said.
> Liz Feliciano, who lives in another building being renovated by
> the city group, said she and her husband moved to Manchester from
> New York, hoping to provide a better life for their children. They
> struggled to find safe, affordable housing until they found the
> housing services group, she said.
> ``I am proud to be part of the rehabilitation that is going
> on,'' she said. ``It's not about money, it's about housing people
> and giving them a place to live they can be proud of.''
> Eligibility requirements for each program differ based on a
> family's size, income, location and other factors. For example, in
> the finance authority's first-time home buyer program income limits
> range from $58,000 to $69,000 for a family of four and the maximum
> home prices range from $120,500 to $166,500 depending on location
> and the home's condition.
> Specific rent and mortgage payments for participants also vary,
> with subsidies or vouchers making up the difference depending on
> income and other factors.
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