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Global Peace Walk 2000
San Francisco - Washington DC - New York / U.N.
1/15/2000 - 10/5/2000 - 10/24/2000

Present Tenative Schedule 8/27 - 10/25, 2000
Call 415-267-1877 for exact dates & details,
and to contact on the road.

September 2nd-4th, Sat.-Mon. - Columbus, Ohio
September 6th, Wed. - Zanesville, Ohio
September 10-11th, Sun.-Mon. - Wheeling, West Virginia
September 15th-17th, Fri.-Sun. - Pittsburgh, PA
September 19th - Tues. - Uniontown, Pennsylvania
September 22nd - Fri. - Cumberland, Maryland
September 24th - Sun. - Hancock, Maryland
September 26th - Tues. - Hagerstown, Maryland

October 5th-12th (Thurs.-Thurs.) - Washington DC - Ceremonies & Events

Global Peace Walk through Washington DC (Oct. 5)

Delivery of the Messages of Peace (Proclamations & Support Letters) to the
White House (Oct. 6), Senate & Congress (Oct. 10-11)

Nuclear Abolition and Demilitarization of Space (Oct. 7) - Washington DC

Ceremonies at Jefferson Stone (Oct. 8) & Millennial Circle of Peace at
Washington Monument (Oct. 9) - Washington DC

Indigenous People's Day (Oct. 12) - Washington DC

October 14th, Sat. - Baltimore, Maryland

October 17th, Tues. -  Swarthmore College

Ocotber 18th, Wed. - Philadelphia, PA

October 21st, Sat. - Princeton University, New Jersy

October 23-25th, Mon.-Wed. - 55th Anniversary of UN Spiritually United
Nations Day at the United Nations, New York City. Ceremonies & Spiritual
Environmental Summit.

Past Schedule

January 15th (Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday) War Memorial Building,
San Francisco, CA
January 28th - Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA
February 4th - Keene, CA (Cesar Chavez Memorial)
February 5th - LA, Hollywood, CA
February 12th-13th - Ward Valley, CA
February 15th - Nevada Nuclear Test Site
February 16th - Las Vegas, Nevada
February 26th - March 2nd - Navaho Nation and Hopi Land
March 14th - Glen Canyon Dam, AZ - International Protest
March 24th-29th - Phoenix, AZ (Global Peace Zone)
April 8th - Rosario Cemetary, Santa Fe, NM
April 22nd - Taos, New Mexico (Earth Day)
May 14th - Vietnam Veterans Cemetary, Angel Fire, NM
May 29th - Memorial Day @ Oklahoma City 1995 bombsite
June 25th - Kansas City, MO @ Liberty Memorial
July 1st-4th - Fast for Leonard Peltier @ Doherty Park near Leavenworth
Federal Penitentiary, Kansas
July 10th - Independence, MO - Prayer @ Truman Library
July 17th - Fulton, MO - Winston Churchhill Memorial
August 12th-15th - St. Louis, MO (Global Peace Zone)
August 25th-26th - Indianapolis, IN - Traditional Ceremony at Native
American Church

Global Peace Walk

A Project of Yucca Foundation [501 (c) 3]
P.O. Box 170245, San Francisco, CA 94117-0245
(415) 267-1877

E-Mail: GPZONE2000@aol.com

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