[Hpn] Re: [nhhomeless] traffic tickets

Bunny McLeod gmcleod@conknet.com
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 11:41:29 -0400

This may be perfectly legal, but it sounds as unethical and crooked as they
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Subject: [nhhomeless] traffic tickets

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>Now I am not sure if this works or not but it sounded good so i forwarded
>onto list!
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> This has been sent to me from my pastors wife. So I think this is good
> information. You never know.
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> From: Patsy Hoffman <patshoff@wcnet.net>
> Subject: Re: traffic tickets
>If You Get A Traffic Ticket, This has been tried and it works.....
> I
>to send this to everyone I know.  I know that for a fact this works
>ever get in this situation, you have an out.
>We discovered that this procedure works in every state.  Read it and
>you have nothing to lose but the points on your license.
>This is how it works:
>If you get a speeding ticket or went through a red light or whatever
> the
>may be, and you are going to get points on your license, then there
>is a
>method to ensure that you DO NOT get any points.
>When you get your fine, send in the check to pay for it and if the
>say, $79, then make the check out for $82 or some small amount over
>The system will then have to send you back a check for the
>here is the trick!
>Throw it away!!  Points are not assessed to your license until all
>transactions are complete.  If you do not cash the check, then the
>transactions are NOT complete.
>However, the system has gotten its money and is happy and will not
>any more.  This information came to our attention from an very
>computer company that sets up the standard database used by each
>Good luck and share this with all your friends and other family
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