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William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 06:53:32 -0400

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I would have to say clearly and with few reservations that our dear governor
is politically motivated and will let 37 people become homeless along with
their pets rather than intervene, and simply ask the Mayor of Franklin NH
and city councilmen to with draw the eminent domain seizures petitionsof
three separate homes for affordable housing!
I have had her on NHHomeless discussion group for over 6 months and she
never even sighed when we had the woman die in a snow bank in Manchester
this past April!
Yesterday she had an opportunity to meet with all of us advocates for
housing and the homeless and instead she put us off to say that she would
like to speak to us after the September 12th elections...
Sorry I am an undeclared voter and disabled as well as being an ex displaced
one and I say we need some one whom cares about more than her picture in the
paper,we need a hands on governor who would work with us and not mumble the
words after over a year of requests to please do some thing to help the
homeless and poor..
No her affordable  housing is  all a ploy to gather votes and to confuse our
advocacy she needs to move on to other aspirations now she has failed her
constituents in Franklin NH miserably!
September 12 vote for any body but the incumbant governor!
A Brother

William Charles Tinker
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