[Hpn] Pets

Ria Strong strongvoice@start.com.au
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 19:22 +1000

For me, the most difficult part of becoming homeless (again) was
having to give up my cat, and finding a new home for her. 

I have an office to sleep in, but I couldn't reasonably bring Maggie
here-- not without exposing my ongoing residence here to the building
management. And my friends could only look after her for so long.

In the end. I arranged for someone to drive her (and me) to the
shelter with the best reputation for re-housing older cats (there
aren't any real no-kill shelters here, I found-- only high-kill and
lower-kill ones).

I couldn't go thru with it, tho. I just couldn't send Maggie off to an
uncertain future in a shelter. And-- miracle!-- I didn't have to. She
now has a new home, where I can visit her occassionally. It was the
best I could hope for... <sigh>

- Ria

         Ria Strong            
     Melbourne, Australia      

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