[Hpn] THE LOOP : The Olympic guests from Hell A "balanced" war upon drugs.?

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Sun, 03 Sep 2000 00:59:59 -0400

well roger
   this drug  war is just as wrong on "hard" drugs as on "soft" drugs.
what the hell are we doing advocating a war on our children and our
selves. legalize drugs and take the obscene profits out of it. what i
put into my body is my decision. our bodies ourselves. don't kill me for
my illegal smile.
  i believe it was clintons brother, roger, not bill, with the big nose.

Roger Bunn wrote:

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> >From Seattle to Sydney 2000:
> Of its kind :  The most powerful communications
> group in existance
> 86% of all the heroin on the streets of Aus comes via the
> Burmese military junta. And against all IOC and UN laws.
> The murderous Burmese military junta are being allowed
> to send a provenly apartheid team to the Opium Olympiad.
>             The Olympic Guests from Hell
> ""If they are corrupt and foolish enough to try this Olympian
> scam, in Aus and maybe the US too, there will be protest,
> maybe quite a lot of it ""  Roger Bunn. Hon Chief African
> National Congress. Patron, PGA European Tour.
> The "Oversight Olympics" : The nasal passages of time
> When President Clinton, himself a person who has
> had long term problems with his own cocaine abuse,
> appointed Barry McCaffrey his DrugCzar General. One
> presumed that the president told him that a DrugCzar
> is not supposed to condone "normal relations" with
> those who sanitize the abundance of heroin distribution.
> Neither with those who produce hard drugs nor those who
> conduct human rights abuse.
> But the world now knows that he so does, even after
> spending so much US tax payer monies and time, in
> Lausenne and Australia with the IOC, with impunity.
>           The White House : False Claims?
> An exclusively American friendly "war upon drugs"?
> McCaffrey Sends Special Forces To Train Colombian Military
> And one "wonders why"? When after spending so much time
> and tax payers (1.3 billion dollars) money on the invasion
> of 40% Colombia, and on "talking drugs" to the IOC. The
> good general cannot get his many establishment friends to
> oust Aus's local smack dealers from the Opium Olympiad?..
> Disregarding the continual abuse of human rights, as
> in the case of the murderous Burmese military junta.
> And ignoring Burma's role as major supplier to the host
> nation.  Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey has made
> a stiff rod for the host nation back by allowing his
> "accidental accomplice", the Marques de Samaranch and
> the member nations of the IOC to dominate the Sydney
> 2000  invitation process. Instead  of doing that for which
> he was supposedly positioned by  President Clinton.To
> pursue a genuine war upon hard drugs and upon those
> nations which supply.
>        AIDS is a killer, so why help to pass it on?
> AIDS is generally caught through sexual contact. But
> on Australia, Canada and the USA. Far more people
> are being killed via a needle, because  the General is
> not doing the job for which he is getting paid.
>                 False Sympathies?
> In the certain knowledge that the heroin figures were
> already collated and available from their own government.
> Without a single protest, Australian parliamentarians in
> unseemly disarray and blinded by greed, needed the
> Olympics so badly. That they have allowed the IOC
> membership committee to invite Burma. Australia's local
> 86% heroin dealer. And allow them to send an apartheid
> team. A foolhardy, and hypocritical action by any standards
> of modern civilisation.
> The Australian government were seemingly prepared to
> further its own greed and tourism causes, rather than
> consider themselves deeply involved with the spread of
> AIDS and hard drugs in the host nation. And without
> a thought for the plight of many thousands of young
> heroin addicts in Australia, Canada and the USA. For the
> sake of their own petty advancement, the General, the
> Marques, and also the Australian Government have been
> prepared to destroy the worlds hopes for a genuine war
> upon hard drugs. For some considerable time.
> So one should Not have sympathy with those at the head
> of the host nation. For the Olympics brings with its placement
> a PR "snowjob".  In that, once the bribes have been passed
> around and the IOC again takes control of the flame and the
> invitation process. Then any nation willing to host the games
> "at any price" would be unable to ban even the worst of
> guests from participation in the games.
>         Australia knew all that, in advance.
> And from the most powerful nation on the planet?
> There is no real war upon drugs from the White House.
> SO : Protest to the UN that it is allowing a racist team, supported
> by the profits from opium, to compete at the "Opium Olympiad"
> For if Kofi and CO do not confront the IOC this week. Its next
> year, the UN year of anti racism will be a farce beyond all
> known before..
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