[Hpn] A Train-Hoppin Memory

Mark Watson preachur@CrUsThAvEn.every1.net
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 22:17:07 -0700 (PDT)

I was traveling with this girl Jen, who was really no good at 
hopping anyway, but it was even worse when she rolled down a 
hill in Portland and busted her knee. We got to Eugene and went 
out to the big bridge and met up with Pirate, Lou, Addi, and 
Jeff. We drank whiskey all night and kept Pirate from rolling 
into the fire. He was SO fucked up, he couldn't stand up, but he 
wouldn't pass out. He just rolled around on the ground. Right as 
I decided to sleep Pirate said: "Preachur, don't let them ditch 
me...put me on the train." An hour or two later I open my eyes 
and there's the train. I found myself staring at a grainer and I 
was up in a second. I managed to get passed-out Pirate and gimpy 
Jen on the train. We rode that to Klammath Falls, and ate at 
some stupid soup kitchen where they asked Pirate if he knew 
god. "Sure, his name is Carlo Rossi, I was with him last night." 
We made it back to the yard, camped, and caught the Modoc the 
next day. We were on a boxcar, and this old grizly mother-fucker 
got on with a giant backpack and a guitar. He said he was 
heading to Roseville. I tried to explain that this was the 
Modoc, and it was heading to Nevada and Utah, but he wouldn't 
listen. As we entered Nevada we could see the interstate far off 
in the distance. The old hippy lookin mother fucker says "I have 
to get off NOW." I tried to explain to him the best way to get 
off a 60 mile an hour boxcar...he said "I've been traveling my 
whole life, I can get off a train." He put on his backpack, this 
monstorous frame pack, threw his guitar off, which shattered 
into pieces and jumped. He hit the ground facing the train, and 
his legs snapped, then he hit the sharp gravel. The last I saw 
of him he tried to get up with his arms...his face was gone. 
Pirate said "Is he dead?" I said "he might as well be." Jeff 
said "I got that stupid fucker's weed" So we had some smoke. We 
got off in Elco, Nevada and spanged at a casino. We made about 
50 bucks and went to the store where we found 1/2 gallons of 
Black Velvet on sale for 9.99. We got three of those and some 
Boone's for the girls. We went to the desert near the tracks and 
got busy. I injested almost a gallon of whiskey, some beer, and 
some Boone's. I had just rolled out my bed and the train pulls 
up. The units were right there stopped, so they decided to get 
on. I was drunk, and at first let them go. Then I decided what 
the hell, and rolled my shit up. All I had was my coat, a 
sleeping bag, and this little side bag with my jug. The train 
took off. I ran and caught the back of the last unit, slipped, 
and my leg hung up. I lost my hat, and The wheel kept getting 
closer and closer. Lou had my other leg, ang I got him to let me 
go. I then flung myself backwards off the train. I staggered 
around for a minute, and then threw my bag on a bottomless 48. 
Well, there went my shit. No more shit to carry. Then I finally 
took one last run at it and caught the last car. I decided, 
since the train was all 48's, that I would crawl the ledge all 
the way to the units. I made it early the next morning, just as 
we pulled int Ogden. Everyone was shocked to see me, I was black 
from head to toe, and tired and hung over and pissed off. The 
next day Pirate and I hopped back to Elco and recovered my 
bedroll and my hat. My sidebag, ethyl, was never seen again. -

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