[Hpn] re to Big Brother

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Thu, 30 Nov 2000 16:33:25 0

  Maybe it is  that I'm oddly naive or is it that I'm 51 but why is anyone surprised that police officials lie under oath (and NEVER go to jail for it!) or that the "Red Squads" still exist?
   Everyone in group action - especially involving civil disobedience - should follow the list of precautions that Chance posted. This is not to encourage destructive paranoia but we must all practice some level of caution. Many agents are obvious - look for the 1st cat to throw that bottle, they never got targeted by the TPF, hell they were ignored so obviously they were "plants". In N. Jersey we had a couple of guys you would think were Rudy the Red from the way they talked. We fed them acouple of outrageous lies and did our own stakeout. My look at all the cop cars surrounding the mayor's summer home! 
   After that you know some of their peeps and you could feed them all sorts of manure which they tend to act on.  I still have trouble believing that they fell for me being Trotsky's love child. But then it was the 60s and I think the other side was ingesting more drugs and booze than us. Maybe we should have asked for money for disinfo?
   Anyway we need to remember that these SOBs ,while our cousins , haven't  evolved to far from the days of the Palmer Raids ( hell, some of that generation are still around and in office)
     Zen hugs, jos