[Hpn] [nhhomeless] Re: Money used to displace 37 residents by city could be linked to HUD or federal money grants?

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:51:15 -0500

    i think yer kickin the wrong dead horse. i think you're missreading his
it seems that if city officials are claiming hud money paid for this crime you
em for lyin. this reply is made by a real person who took the time to check.
a public servant.!! did you thank him for actually doing what he dets paid for
who got the money? there's the tale. did everybody get housed ?

William Tinker wrote:

> Dan,et al!
> Here are some addresses,and the reply I got from HUD it appears they are
> working in unison with Franklin City Hall,or if not they refuse to check
> Franklin,s accounting to find out where they come up with all this eminent
> domain money to grab  certain properties and throw section 8 persons out of
> From: David B. Harrity <David_B._Harrity@HUD.GOV>
> To: William Tinker <wtinker@fcgnetworks.net>
> >
> >
> > I have received and carefully read your message below.  While I am not
> > completely clear as to exactly what you are charging, alleging or
> suggesting, I
> > will respond to your statements based on my understanding of your
> comments.
> >
> > assist NHites.  I have limited my overview to only those Programs which I
> > believe you might be addressing in your general comments.  Overall each
> year HUD
> > provides more than $100 million to NH,  through many different Programs,
> for
> > many specific program activities.  I have addressed only the above 3
> Programs
> > because, based upon my understanding of your comments, they are the only 3
> which
> > could possibly pertain to the issues you have raised.
> >
> > The City of Franklin does not receive any CDBG or HOME funds directly from
> HUD.
> > I personally contacted senior staff at OSP and NHHFA and have been assured
> no
> > HUD funds they administer have been provided to the City to support the
> action
> > which is of concern to you. I also personally contacted the Franklin City
> > Manager and she confirms what OSP and NHHFA staff advised me - the City
> did NOT
> > receive or use any HUD funds to support the actions you have set-forth in
> your
> > numerous, earlier messages.  I also spoke personally with the Executive
> Director
> > of the Franklin Housing Authority (FHA).  She too, advises no HUD funds
> were
> > used for the actions you have outlined earlier.
> >
> > I have not "checked", nor do I intend to, any financial records of the
> City
> > (since they receive no HUD funds, we have no legal authority to "check"
> their
> > records) or of the FHA (where we do have authority since they do receive
> > funds).

is this next true????????????

> > I have been advised all the families previously temporarily housed have
> been
> > relocated to other affordable, acceptable, permanent housing.  However,
> you
> > continue to write in the present tense as if some families are still
> "being"
> > displaced -  do you have facts which document they are? Lastly, as I
> assume you
> > know, no one can be evicted from their home without the approval of NH
> Courts.
> > Is it your contention the Court did not grant requisite approval to the
> City to
> > "evict" or do you contend the Court  acted improperly?
> >
> > As a long time HUD Official, I am always pleased to provide insight to the
> > public, such as yourself, as to how OUR Government works with regard to
> > Programs.  I invite you to feel free to share with me factual information
> you
> > have which would clearly document my understanding of the matter, and/or
> the
> > statements made to me, are incorrect.  However, I must make one request -
> while
> > your verbal opinion is certainly important, I need specific, factual
> documented
> > information in order to ignore all I have been previously told by State
> and
> > local officials. General unsupported, opinionated statements about
> > "apathetically avoided"; "round robined from your (my) arena"; "ball
> squarely in
> > my court"; "red carpet ... hiding the dirt"; "wrongly misusing funds", do
> not
> > provide anything for me to use in any form or kind of review.  When I
> received
> > your earlier messages, I did share with the State and local officials your
> > general statements - they were already aware of them and since those
> earlier
> > messages, like the one below lack specificity, I did not proceed further.
> I
> > continue to be pleased to review any documented, supported information you
> send
> > to me and I will take action, IF warranted.
> >
> > Under FOIA, you ask for "any records of your (my) checking this city for
> wrongly
> > misusing funds".  The only "records" which exist are some scribbled notes
> I made
> > during my telephone discussions with State and local officials.  A copy of
> those
> > notes will be sent to you via the USPS mail pick-up here at the Norris
> Cotton
> > Federal Building tonight at 5:30PM.  Unfortunately, when I spoke to the
> > officials, I did not know someone would want to see my scribbles, so I
> hope you
> > can read them!
> >
> > I believe my message above fully addresses your concerns. To ensure
> everyone is
> > informed and "reading from the same page",  I have taken the liberty to
> copy the
> > State and local officials on this reply message to you.
> >