[Hpn] [nhhomeless] Re: Money used to displace 37 residents by city could be linked to HUD or federal money grants?

William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Tue, 28 Nov 2000 19:15:14 -0500

Dan,et al!
Here are some addresses,and the reply I got from HUD it appears they are
working in unison with Franklin City Hall,or if not they refuse to check
Franklin,s accounting to find out where they come up with all this eminent
domain money to grab  certain properties and throw section 8 persons out of
their homes ?
25 Granite Street
Northfield,new Hampshire 03276
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Subject: [nhhomeless] Re: Money used to displace 37 residents by city could
be linked to HUD or federal money grants?

> I have received and carefully read your message below.  While I am not
> completely clear as to exactly what you are charging, alleging or
suggesting, I
> will respond to your statements based on my understanding of your
> Please allow me to briefly explain how some HUD Programs work in NH, as
well in
> other States.  We provide Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds
> directly to 5 Cities (Manchester, Nashua, Rochester, Dover and Portsmouth)
> to the State of NH (the Governor has selected the Office of State Planing
> to administer the State CDBG funds).  These funds are awarded on a
> basis - in other words, there is no competition - it is a direct
> based on several program factors.
> We also provide Home Investment Partnership Program (HOME) funds to
> and to the State of NH (the Governor has selected the NH Housing Finance
> Authority (NHHFA) to administer these funds).  Like the CDBG, there is no
> competition - it is a formula driven entitlement.  Additionally, we
provide to
> the 20 Housing Authorities (HAs) throughout the State, Section 8 Housing
> Assistance Payments (HAP) funds.   The HAs in turn use those funds to make
> payments to owners/landlords on behalf of eligible families, in order to
> the rental costs reasonable for these eligible low income families.
> The above outline is a brief overview of just a few of the HUD Programs
> assist NHites.  I have limited my overview to only those Programs which I
> believe you might be addressing in your general comments.  Overall each
year HUD
> provides more than $100 million to NH,  through many different Programs,
> many specific program activities.  I have addressed only the above 3
> because, based upon my understanding of your comments, they are the only 3
> could possibly pertain to the issues you have raised.
> The City of Franklin does not receive any CDBG or HOME funds directly from
> I personally contacted senior staff at OSP and NHHFA and have been assured
> HUD funds they administer have been provided to the City to support the
> which is of concern to you. I also personally contacted the Franklin City
> Manager and she confirms what OSP and NHHFA staff advised me - the City
did NOT
> receive or use any HUD funds to support the actions you have set-forth in
> numerous, earlier messages.  I also spoke personally with the Executive
> of the Franklin Housing Authority (FHA).  She too, advises no HUD funds
> used for the actions you have outlined earlier.
> I have not "checked", nor do I intend to, any financial records of the
> (since they receive no HUD funds, we have no legal authority to "check"
> records) or of the FHA (where we do have authority since they do receive
> funds). I believe to do so would simply be an unproductive use of time.
> you have specific factual, supported information which refutes part of, or
all I
> have been advised, there is nothing to be gained by "checking" Franklin's
> "book-keeping".
> I have been advised all the families previously temporarily housed have
> relocated to other affordable, acceptable, permanent housing.  However,
> continue to write in the present tense as if some families are still
> displaced -  do you have facts which document they are? Lastly, as I
assume you
> know, no one can be evicted from their home without the approval of NH
> Is it your contention the Court did not grant requisite approval to the
City to
> "evict" or do you contend the Court  acted improperly?
> As a long time HUD Official, I am always pleased to provide insight to the
> public, such as yourself, as to how OUR Government works with regard to
> Programs.  I invite you to feel free to share with me factual information
> have which would clearly document my understanding of the matter, and/or
> statements made to me, are incorrect.  However, I must make one request -
> your verbal opinion is certainly important, I need specific, factual
> information in order to ignore all I have been previously told by State
> local officials. General unsupported, opinionated statements about
> "apathetically avoided"; "round robined from your (my) arena"; "ball
squarely in
> my court"; "red carpet ... hiding the dirt"; "wrongly misusing funds", do
> provide anything for me to use in any form or kind of review.  When I
> your earlier messages, I did share with the State and local officials your
> general statements - they were already aware of them and since those
> messages, like the one below lack specificity, I did not proceed further.
> continue to be pleased to review any documented, supported information you
> to me and I will take action, IF warranted.
> Under FOIA, you ask for "any records of your (my) checking this city for
> misusing funds".  The only "records" which exist are some scribbled notes
I made
> during my telephone discussions with State and local officials.  A copy of
> notes will be sent to you via the USPS mail pick-up here at the Norris
> Federal Building tonight at 5:30PM.  Unfortunately, when I spoke to the
> officials, I did not know someone would want to see my scribbles, so I
hope you
> can read them!
> I believe my message above fully addresses your concerns. To ensure
everyone is
> informed and "reading from the same page",  I have taken the liberty to
copy the
> State and local officials on this reply message to you.
> "William Tinker" <wtinker@fcgnetworks.net> on 11/27/2000 08:36:04 AM
> To:   David B. Harrity/CB/MAN/HUD@HUD, jshaheen@shaheen.org,
>       theul@aol.com, news@wmur.com, news@cmonitor, NHHomeless@egroups.com
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> Subject:  Money used to displace 37 residents by city could be linked to
HUD or
>       federal money grants?
> Mr.Harrity,and Homeless and Housing groups!
> I have to inform you that I in my opinion believe that something is very
> truely wrong here,this is not just small town politics and the
> discrimination involved here is epidemic and cancerous,as well as
> apathetically being avoided and round robined from your arena to Governor
> Jeanne Shaheens desk!
> We have spoken with Tom Bunnell from Governor's office in a meeting of two
> hours in which the ball appears to be placed squarely in your court and
> other legitimate means to investigate.
> Please do not be like DCYF and call three days in advance to warn the city
> of Franklin New Hampshire your coming so they can roll out the red
> carpet,and hide the dirt.
> You must remember that these homes had 5 special needs children in
> 12 low income families 37 people being displaced by a city "that claims it
> takes care of its own"!
> I have to tell you that I got a real bad taste in my mouth,and I have to
> you to produce under freedom of information act any records of your
> this city for wrongly misusing funds!
> And I am sure that there are many other persons all across our country
> wish to know where and how your office did this investigation or what
> you used to check out Franklin,New Hampshire's book keeping?
> I want you to know that there is a public record now and that some thing
> must be done to prove or disprove my allegations.
> Thank you very much.
> William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
> PS You may respond to NHHomeless@egroups.com as we have members nationally
> and internationally that want to see the workings of our government in
> action!
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