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A public protest-demonstration against the implementation of the Harris=20
government's "Brian's Law" will be held: Friday, December 1, 2000, 12 noon,=
at Queen's Park.

"Brian's Law" (Bill 68) comes into force on December 1 this year. This law,=
a package of "mental health" amendments, seriously violates the human=20
rights of people labeled "mentally ill", and potentially anyone who comes=20
into contact with the mental health system.

Consider some of its key provisions:
=B7       Involuntary committal criteria are expanded by deleting the=20
qualifying word "imminent" from the criteria of =93danger to self or others=
to make it easier to lock up allegedly "mentally ill" innocent citizens=20
without a hearing or trial.
=B7       "Community treatment orders" (CTOs) which legalize forced=
(e.g., brain-damaging neuroleptics, antidepressants and/or electroshock) in=
the community.
=B7       Any citizen who has been locked up and treated for a "mental=20
illness" on at least two occasions, or for at least 30 days during the last=
three years in Ontario can be forcibly treated in the community, or locked=
up again without a hearing or trial.
=B7       Refusal to comply with a CTO can result in a citizen being=
picked up and taken to a psychiatric facility by the police.

"Brian's Law" and similar outpatient forced drugging legislation is based=20
on the deliberately created false belief that "the mentally ill" are more=20
violent than "sane" or "normal" people. Although scientific studies=20
challenge the violent mental patient myth/stereotype, much of the=20
mainstream media irresponsibly promotes this delusion as scientific fact.

In response to this ongoing assault on our rights we are putting forward=20
the following demands:

1.      Repeal Brian's Law
2.      Increase Supportive, Affordable Housing
3.      Allow Individuals to have Choice Over their Health Care
4.      Increase Voluntary Community Supports for Individuals Who have been=
Labeled "Mentally Ill"/ Consumers and Survivors

This demonstration is organized by the No Force! Coalition and is endorsed=
by: the Queen Street Patients Council, the Mental Health Legal Committee,=20
Parkdale Activity & Recreation Centre (PARC), Friendly Spike Theatre Band,=
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, Toronto Disaster Relief Committee,=20
Street Health, and CKLN (88.1FM).

Contact: Erick Fabris (416) 535-8501 x2018, or Don Weitz (416) 760-2795

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