[Hpn] (no subject)

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 16:41:29 0

 Ok gang this is a group mailing as it us the only way I can "get you all into one room" so to speak! I have good news, no cancell that - I have fantastic far-out news!! Today I spent bloody forever on a line at local D.M.V. registering car, tomorrow have appointment with credit union for insurance and then back to D.M.V. to complete other forms. And this is the easy version or registering a car out here! But tonight I'm not sleeping in van nor on office floor. (tah-Dahhh!) I got the small aparrment! I am no longer homeless in that I have walls - a ceiling and all that stuff. To me "home" means others, family, loved ones. I'm at least "housed".
  Feels damn good though. I admit to being nervous - like waiting for some yahoo to pull out the rug from under me when I relax.
   Does everyone feel thus way? Should I expect these feelings of unnamable dread? Maybe I read too much H.P.Lovecraft!?
   I'm thankful for what I have. I recognize what I've lost. And I'm not going to abandon others in my spot. Hell, I could be back in a couple of months.
   Will try not to though!
   And thanks for all the cards and e-mail. Will try to thank everyone individually but if I miss someone do't think I discount you words and thoughts.
You helped make my T-day great!
             Zen hugs,
                jos reynolds