[Hpn] Money used to displace 37 residents by city could be linked to HUD or federal money grants?

William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 27 Nov 2000 08:40:15 -0500

 Mr.Harrity,and Homeless and Housing groups!
 I have to inform you that I in my opinion believe that something is very
 truely wrong here,this is not just small town politics and the
 discrimination involved here is epidemic and cancerous,as well as
 apathetically being avoided and round robined from your arena to Governor
 Jeanne Shaheens desk!
 We have spoken with Tom Bunnell from Governor's office in a meeting of two
 hours in which the ball appears to be placed squarely in your court and
 other legitimate means to investigate.
 Please do not be like DCYF and call three days in advance to warn the city
 of Franklin New Hampshire your coming so they can roll out the red
 carpet,and hide the dirt.
 You must remember that these homes had 5 special needs children in them,and
 12 low income families 37 people being displaced by a city "that claims it
 takes care of its own"!
 I have to tell you that I got a real bad taste in my mouth,and I have to
 you to produce under freedom of information act any records of your
 this city for wrongly misusing funds!
 And I am sure that there are many other persons all across our country that
 wish to know where and how your office did this investigation or what means
 you used to check out Franklin,New Hampshire's book keeping?
 I want you to know that there is a public record now and that some thing
 must be done to prove or disprove my allegations.
 Thank you very much.
 William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
 PS You may respond to NHHomeless@egroups.com as we have members nationally
 and internationally that want to see the workings of our government in