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Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 23:45:58 -0500
From: Cathy Crowe <crowe@pop.web.net>
Subject: tent city support rally

Tentcity Tenants Ready to Negotiate - On THEIR terms!

Support Rally 10 am Tuesday, November 28th in Tentcity
(Parliament and Front Streets - just E of Parliament, just S of Front)

About 2 dozen homeless people living in a shantytown on the waterfront
face a crackdown by City officials and the landowner, Home Depot. The
Olympic Bid and elaborate waterfront development plans have made this long
abandoned property profitable, and with International Olympic Committee
officials coming into town later this winter, they're only too anxious to
clear the area out.

While the City is hedging on its once-secret plans to evict people by
Tuesday, they are still talking about pushing them off further down the
line and making insulting offers like forcing them into overcrowded
shelters or giving them sleeping bags and washing their hands of
the whole affair. They've also been working behind the scenes to divide
and conquer by bribing key tenants.

-- People at Tent City have had enough. On Tuesday they will make a united
public statement of their demands - if they are to enter into negotiations
with the City they will do so as a community with solid back up from OCAP,
TDRC and other allies to ensure that their just demands can not be


call OCAP (416)925-6939 or TDRC (416)599-8372 for more info.

 From the deserts of the heart let the healing begin.

Cathy Crowe, RN
work: 416-703-8482 (117)
work fax: 416-703-6190

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