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* the only way he can eat is by getting baked on northern lights or
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* he eventually takes up a less stressful occupation -- street musician

and everyone lives happily ever after!


Friday, November 24, 2000


Quality time in New York

by Timothy Williams, Associated Press
Associated Press 

NEW YORK - Attention: Homeless people, graffiti vandals, public drinkers
and the generally noisy, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and the NYPD want YOU.

On Nov. 14, just in time for the holidays, Giuliani announced that the
police department will "reinvigorate" its enforcement of so-called quality
of life crimes - meaning police officers will arrest anyone caught engaging
in half a dozen or so minor offenses that have largely been overlooked of

"The core of the turnaround of New York City has to do with public safety
and quality of life," Giuliani said at a City Hall news conference. "And we
have to keep reminding ourselves of that. This is a work in progress; it's
not something you ever complete."

It is unclear why Giuliani chose Nov. 11 to announce what his office billed
as the "Mayor's Quality of Life Initiative 2000" - which is essentially a
policy that has been in place since the start of his first term six years

One clue, however, came when Giuliani said his own quality of life rights
had been trampled upon this week when he detected the unmistakable odor of
marijuana after giving a speech to a group of federal law enforcement

"I turned around and these guys took off," the mayor said of the alleged
offenders, whom he described as being rather portly. "And my [security]
detail couldn't catch 'em."

Said Giuliani: "You do not get to smoke marijuana in the city of New York."
Another reason may be the spike in complaints made this year to the quality
of life hotline, manned by the police department. From Jan. 1 to Sept. 11 of
this year - the latest date statistics were available - 38,167 complaints
were received by the hotline. Of that number, 33,267 complaints, or 87
percent, were noise-related matters. The second largest number of
complaints, 1,229, were about animals, followed by 592 complaints about

During that same period in 1999, the hotline received 18,015 complaints -
14,039, or 77 percent, were about noise. According to police officials, one
of the reasons for the increase is that in February, quality of life
complaints received by 911 operators were rerouted to the hotline.
In the future, the mayor said that individual police commanders will be held
responsible for increases in the frequency of such offenses, similar to the
way they are now with violent crimes.

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