[Hpn] update- DC housing takeover

hnj-dc@homesnotjails.org hnj-dc@homesnotjails.org
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 22:22:13 -0500

Hey Everyone!
We're still here!  Homes Not Jails and a homeless family continue to occupy a 
vacant building at 1959 H St. NE.  
Today was quite a day.  It was to be the last working day that Nadine Green  
would have to find housing with her Section 8 housing voucher.  Press talked 
with her at a morning press conference and with a woman in a nearby public 
housing unit that had not been able to get the city to come and make repairs 
in her unit.  HNJ had painted one of her rooms yesterday.  
Also this morning, two police officers stopped by the house and said that they 
would return in the afternoon with more police officers, but the little cop 
army never manifested.  
Throughout the day, folks continued cleaning and repairing.  A man who has a 
big sign on his truck that demands a recall of the mayor came by to work on 
the electricity.  
An incredibly inspiring and intense thing to see happening here is the 
outpouring of stories and support from neighbors and passers-by who are 
dealing with the same or similar things as Nadine.  Two homeless families 
stopped by and spoke with press about their struggle to find Section 8 
housing.  Other folks dealing with homelessness, with evictions, with shoddy 
public housing, with living in unstable housing situations, or with rents too 
high for their incomes, stopped by and expressed agreement and support. 
This evening, a channel 4 news reporter claimed that HUD said they'd sold the 
building to Smith Barney investment and mortgage company and that they were 
also giving Nadine an extension on her section 8 housing voucher.  If this is 
true, Nadine says that she will not leave the building.  She wants to use her 
HUD section 8 housing voucher to do a rent-to-own plan with Smith Barney.  She 
also wants to see everything in writing, and to meet with all involved parties 
at the house on H St.
We still need PEOPLE, food, tools, furniture, cameras, kid's toys, art 
supplies, and money at the house.  We also need jail support.  If interested 
in jails support, call 202-842-4479.  If you would like to come to the house, 
the stadium-armory metro is the closest metro, but the X1, X2, and X3 busses 
come much closer.   From the corner of Benning Rd and 21st NE, the house is 
two blocks north at 21st and H NE.  
PARTY!!!! SUNDAY!!!  From 4:30 pm on, come and get down at turkey squat.  
hope to see you there.  peace- kirby  
For updated info., please call 202-297-4430.