[Hpn] PUBLIC HEALTH: U.S. Improves Overall

H. C. Covington icanamerica@email.msn.com
Fri, 24 Nov 2000 14:40:48 -0600

PUBLIC HEALTH: U.S. Improves Overall - New Hampshire, with the best
care, support for public health care, infant mortality rate and
violent crime
rate, is the "healthiest state in the nation," according to an annual
survey by
Minneapolis-based UnitedHealth Group, which ranks states on health
care access,
prevalence of heart disease and smoking, motor vehicle deaths and

Joining NH at the top of the list are Minnesota & Utah.

Mississippi, Louisiana & South Carolina share the list's lower rungs.

Arkansas, Hawaii, Delaware, Montana, South Dakota & Utah made the
greatest improvement since last year.

source:  http://www.unitedhealthgroup.com/sr2000/index.html


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