[Hpn] Central Vermont homeless meeting invitation;11/29 meeting date

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Sorry for the short notice, but this was the best that could be done since I 
only got to this message today.



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Jan Steinbauer <jsteinbauer@cvabe.org> sent:

homeless meeting invitation

November 6, 2000

To Barre Community Leaders and Service Providers,

This is a call to action on behalf of homeless people in Barre (and in the 
Central Vermont area) extended by George Dickey, a student at Central 
Vermont Adult Basic Education. George has a deep compassion for people he 
sees on the streets of Barre and wants to help homeless people who have no 
place to go during the day. He is troubled that there are so many unused 
buildings in Barre which could be used for a gathering place for people to 
get of the cold, have something to do, and talk with people to get help they 

George met with Rev. Carl Hilton Van Osdall from the Barre Prsebyterian 
Church representating the Barre clergy association, and Jan Steinbauer, 
staff member at CVABE. Out of this discussion a meeting has been set for

Wednesday, November 29, 9:00-10:30 am

at the Barre Presbyterian Church, 78 Summer Street.

The agenda for the meeting will be to

assess the current status and availability of resources in Barre serving 
homeless people

including shelters, drop-in spaces, and meal sites

survey past programs and attempts to provide daytime drop in services

estimate the number of homeless people who come to Barre in need of services

discuss what we in the Barre community might do to respond to needs

Mark your calendar to come or send a representative, and pass the word to 
others who may be interested. Please RSVP whether or not you'll be present 
by returning the section below, calling George Dickey c/o CVABE 476-4588, or 
responding to jsteinbauer@cvabe.org

Thank you for your time and for responding.


George Dickey, CVABE student

Jan Steinbauer, CVABE staff

Rev. Carl HiltonVan Osdall, Barre Presebyterian Church


Please return to George Dickey, c/o CVABE, 18 N. Main St., Barre, VT 05641

___ Yes, I or a representative of my organization can attend on Wed., 
November 29.

___ I cannot come, please keep me informed.

___ I am not interested.

Name/Organization: ________________________________________________

Contact Information: address _________________________________________

phone __________________________________________

e-mail __________________________________________


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