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Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 13:52:45 0

Let me tell you about my Thanksgiving

	First off, I am having a great Thanksgiving. I worked cleanup at the mall at 6am and after 3 hours the day was mine. Iím preparing my own small feast for the day. I bought turkey thighs (2), a medium size potato and yam, a small can of cranberry sauce, broccoli, stovetop stuffing (must have stuffing on Turkeyday!), V-8 juice, and cherry Pepsi.
	But thatís just the food. The importance of this day is to remind ourselves of what we have that is important and to share it. I may be cooking this n a hot plate and microwave oven and eating solitary but Iím not really alone in an important way. Firstly I bought some food for a homeless family and got the 2 little girls teddy bears. It is only money, no big deal. But I got to help someone just a little. Secondly, do you remember the Hebrew custom of setting an empty place at the table for Elijah? Besides expressing their hopes for the future as a people this enabled them to share their meal and company with unexpected guests. In other times this could be travelers seeking shelter. But no stranger was to be turned away ever. He could very well be the prophet Elijah finally come back to his people. Now people here talk about it could be Jesus knocking on our door. This agnostic was taught by Jesuits that the lesson is that we are supposed to see these persons in each and ever!
y person we meet and understand our connection to them. Maybe even our duty to them. In doing this little thing of buying some food, a hot meal I am trying to do this. I am grateful for the chance to do some good, it doesnít matter that not everyone does the same to me. It doesnít matter that some people here seem to be trying to do me wrongs: what is important is whether I do good or bad. 
	And I am carrying the tradition a little further. True Iím cooking for one in this office but around the table Iíve set other paper plates. The one on my right is for my friend Katherine, on my left is for Cindy and her children, my sister Siri and friends Harry and Peggy and Erin sit opposite me with my brother Frank, his wife Laura and my niece Tarah an new nephew (forgot his name!). There is a special plate for my friend Jennifer with a tiny plate holding a sugar packet for her friend the sugar faerie (donít ask!). There is even a plate for my daughter Tammy if she should decide to show up. There are spots for Harmony and BT in Norway and for the others in HPN as well. So you see Iím not ďaloneĒ even if you arenít here Ė you are with me in a way that matters. And remember that I am with you also on this day.
	Truthfully if you all really did show up this table wouldnít be big enough! But what a blast it would be! Maybe someday?
	In any case I am most thankful for my friends, am thankful for the chance to do good. I am thankful for my new van and that I expect to shortly have a place of my own. I am grateful to the people who in buying my drawings have enabled me to buy food, a van, my laptop, and my bike. I am thankful that the see the work that I do as something they want to have in their homes. There are those Iíve missed mentioning and regret forgetting anyone. But anyone reading this should consider himself or herself as having a setting at my table. And anyone I send this to most definitely should know they have a place!
	My day is great and I hope your day is also! Pass the gravy, please?
						- Joseph Reynolds, Thanksgiving Day, 2000