[Hpn] Fwd: November 22 - National Housing Strategy Day of Action - UPDATED INFO INFO

Bonnie Briggs s248_1132@hotmail.com
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 19:01:07 +0000

Hi guys,
  Here is an update on the event tomorrow at Nathan Phillips Square. Hope 
some of you can come, although I understand it could be hard for my friends 
in the States. If you can't come, please send us good thoughts. Thanks.
>>well everybody - we're getting close - a huge thank you to
>>everyone who has helped in getting the word out so far -
>>Wednesday will make a difference! - so, please, one more
>>time - post this far and wide (the eflyer contains updated
>>info on day of events, participants and actions taking place
>>across Canada)
>>i sign off with great anticipation for seeing you all there
>>on Wednesday!! kira
>>Cities and communities across Canada join together in
>>pre-election Day of Action to call for a National Housing
>>And declare Wednesday, November 22 a National Housing
>>Strategy Day of Action!
>>It has been two years since the City of Toronto, the Big
>>City Mayor's Caucus of the FCM, other cities and regions,
>>and community advocates everywhere declared homelessness to
>>be a National Disaster.
>>Now, on November 22, the National Housing Strategy Day of
>>Action is our opportunity to join together again in a
>>rallying call to end this homeless disaster by implementing
>>a National Housing Strategy.  Join in in Toronto and be part
>>the call heard loud and strong from Vancouver to St. John's.
>>(See list below for events happening across Canada)
>>Wednesday, NOVEMBER 22 - National Housing Strategy DAY OF
>>Schedule of Events In Toronto:
>>12 Noon -  Vigil in memory of all people who have died
>>   @ the Church of The Holy Trinity's permanent Homeless
>>Memorial (at the south doors of the Church, just behind the
>>Eaton Centre)
>>1 p.m. -  Community Meal (hosted by City of Toronto)
>>   @ Church of The Holy Trinity
>>2 p.m. -  RALLY for action on a National Housing Strategy
>>   @ City Hall in Nathan Phillips Square (100 Queen Street
>>    *Welcoming remarks by Cathy Crowe, Toronto Disaster
>>Relief Committee and Jack Layton, City Councillor
>>    *Proclamation from Mayor Mel Lastman
>>    *Key Note Address by the Most Reverend Terence Finlay,
>>Archbishop of the Province of Ontario and of the Anglican
>>Diocese of Toronto
>>    *Message of solidarity from City of Montreal brought by
>>Councillor Ivon Le Duc
>>    *Statements of support from many representatives of
>>communities living with Toronto's housing crisis and
>>homelessness disaster
>>    *Music and entertainment by Kevin Barrett and the Lindo
>>Sisters, Bittersweet and Bag of Trix + much more!!
>>The historic Day of Action is co-sponsored by the National
>>Housing Policy Options Team (NHPOT) of the FCM, the City of
>>Toronto, with Advisory Committee on Homelessness and
>>Socially Isolated Persons of the city playing a key role,
>>and the National Housing and Homelessness Network (NHHN).
>>For more information: Kira Heineck, NHHN @ 416-599-8372
>>Wednesday, NOVEMBER 22 - National Housing Strategy DAY OF
>>Events across Canada:
>>Vancouver - starting at 3:00 pm Vancouver time at Library
>>Square A traditional welcoming ceremony from the United
>>Native Nations will be followed by a few speeches and
>>theatre with four actors portraying the federal "leaders"
>>engaging in political satire to outline their party's
>>platforms on housing, homelessness and the solutions.
>>Contact: Linda Mix, Tenants Rights Action Coalition (TRAC) @
>>604-255-3099, x226.
>>Edmonton - the Edmonton Coalition on Homelessness is hosting
>>a Housing Day of Action Election Forum @ 7 p.m.  Contact:
>>Jim Gurnett @ 780-423-2285.
>>Winnipeg - A coalition of community advocates is hosting a
>>morning press conference - more details to follow.  Contact:
>>Linda Gambee @ 204-944-9408.
>>London - The Advisory Community Group of the Health Outreach
>>for People Who Are  Homeless, a program of the London
>>Inter-Community Health Centre (LIHC) are holding an info
>>picket outside the centre at LIHC.  Contact:  Tom Appleyard,
>>LIHC @ 519-660-0874.
>>Parry Sound - The community and the district are hosting a
>>"Homes For All" walk through Parry Sound - an historic event
>>to be sure!  The walk starts at 11:45 a.m. and will finish
>>at the Friendship Centre with a community meal.  Contact:
>>Wendy Stone @ 705-774-9600.
>>Hamilton - Anti-poverty activists are holding a noon-hour
>>rally at the campaign office for Liberal incumbent Stan
>>Keyes.  Contact: Randy Kay, Homes Not Bombs-Hamilton @ (905)
>>Kingston - The Low Income Needs Coalition (LINC) is holding
>>an information picket outside Kingston's MPs office.  More
>>details to follow.  Contact: Tara Kainer @ 613-544-7273.
>>Ottawa - The Alliance To End Homelessness is working on a
>>joint regional council and community event.  Details to
>>follow.  Contact: Diane Morrison @ 613-234-1144.
>>Montreal - Planning a joint community/city event.  Details
>>to be announced.  Contact: Lucie Poirier @ 514-522-1010.
>>Halifax - There will be a community event. [breakfast with a
>>drop in, federal reps, press release - and party platforms
>>on flyers, encouraging voting]  Details to follow.  Contact:
>>Paul O'Hara, NHHN @ 902-420-0303.
>>St. John's - @ 1:30 there will be a public call for a
>>National Housing Strategy at a soup luncheon at Carew Lodge
>>(a run down boarding house that is planned to be upgraded
>>when and if Ottawa's
>>approval for our Urgent Need Proposal is forthcoming.)
>>Representatives for different shelters in St. John's, the
>>press and the NDP candidate are invited.
>>Contact: Jocelyn Greene @ 709-754-2072.

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