[Hpn] A memorial poem for Steve Robert

William Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 21:35:17 -0500

 In Memory of Steve Robert
for his daughter
 A little more than 2 years ago he came into my world
 from the back door of a railroad shanty, through the window of an old
tarp tent
and into next door neighbors no, "less"
 He climbed out of "The Hole" to start the Under The Bridge Project
Joining others to get stories told, of men wiser than they are far to old
 The streets make them tough feed them guilt for supper
they dont tell YOU anything cuz they dont want you to suffer through
the roofless, the homeless make new families
gathering around those they think would understand and just make do
 "OH Yeah, Feels Good" NOT compared to his remembrance of you
guilty for not being there and more of a man he wanted to be
drank some to try to forget
drank some more when he began to fret
went to the hospital a couple of times not feeling good enough for any of
you, his only crime
 Had your picture hanging on the wall, daughter-dreamt of your graduation
this past year
was trying to figure out how he was gonna get outta here
the hospital didnt keep him so he tried to detox on his own
had to stop drinking he wanted to go Home
 There is no worldly comfort I can offer a child who did without
but there was no lack of love from Dad, only how its perceived
Under The Bridge, he wanted you to have a copy he told me
he'd mail one to you and his Dad, to be received
 Dont look about the world and for him cry
but look at the stars in the sky
For Steve loved the outdoors more than most
Now the Lord is Steve's host
And in His house Steve is right at Home.