[Hpn] my response to the Pittsburgh posting

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:15:37 0

Let's see now we may start arresting homeless people for what, the crime of moppery? ( accused of having committed things not usually considered illegal )Or shipping them off to "treatment". I thought Stalin and Lenin were dead!
  Oh I see they are considered a danger ... ah, by whom exactly? The populace at large? The average officer?
   Gee what if they thought being black, or gay, made a group dangerous. Then should they just start mass interring these groups? Oh right, this is America
 we don't do that here anymore. Lately anyways! 
   I "work" for a guy who believes in "the Jewish conspiracy", - oh right they did mass arrest (and mass extermination) of that group. Funny thing you notice... it was the so-called  Aryans who nearly got Germany destroyed; not the  Jews, gypsies, handicapped( they gassed elderly and infirm BEFORE outbreak of WW2).Gee, should we practice preventive detention on them - just in case.
   People pick on the weak first. Eventually they go after their neighbor. They may go after us first - and for "good" reasons , of course - but they never stop there. The taste of blood is so addictive!( At least that is what Wanda Dark tells me. [Don't ask -too long and weird a story!])
   Sure they say the child's murder isn't the reason. See already they're lying!
Not that it isn't a wrong that needs righting! But these SOBs are using tgis child to do what they have been thinking of privately for some time. This is a really sick form of child abuse. It does nothing to protect any other child. And unfortunately there will be more murdered kids the world is full of nasties.
Mostly by their own families - don't hear anyone suggesting we arrest people who want families (potential abusers?) or suggesting that heaven forbid that child raising should be licencesed!
   Everyone has such good reasons why someone else should go to the gulag!
I keep hoping my mom & dad will send me to reeducation camp this summer!
               jos Reynolds
P.S. Whoever it was who wrote about the Redstone Building please contact me?
You mentioned the I.W.W. had space there. I didn't know they were still operating! I'm so tempted to join - have always, always thought they were the greatest. Should have asked Utah Phillips when I had the chance!
           Peace, Fraternity, Love and that extra turkey leg on Thursday?