[Hpn] ALERT: Pittsburgh may jail homeless who refuse shelter or "treatment" fw fw

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:48:10 -0800

Ok, let me get this "straight" here. One man, who happens to be without a home,
is accused of killing and mutilating someone- therefore, EVERY other person
who is homeless must be arrested/jailed/whatever. Because, obviously, since
"homeless" people are not really people and are all alike, every single one
of us will probably commit some horrendous crime also.
Hmmmmm....what's wrong with this picture? What if someone who lived in a house
committed a terrible crime and killed someone? Using the mayor's reasoning,
if we were to turn the tables, every "homed" person would be given the option
to live out on the streets or face arrest. Because, you know..there's just something
terribly suspicious about them people who live in houses.


>     Associated Press Writer
>PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A group which will study the city's homeless
>should consider whether people who refuse to go to a shelter or get
>treatment should be arrested or otherwise detained by police, Mayor
>Tom Murphy said Wednesday.
>Murphy said while the civil rights of the homeless must be
>protected, he also has to consider the concerns of Pittsburgh
>residents and business owners who believe homeless people may
>present a public safety threat.
>``I believe in everything there needs to be a carrot and a
>stick,'' the mayor said. ``I don't believe we can continue to let
>this go on.''
>Murphy said his decision to convene a task force to study
>homeless people was in part motivated by the death of 11-year-old
>Scott Drake in September. Joseph Cornelius, a homeless man, has
>been charged with killing and mutilating Drake's body.
>Following Cornelius' arrest, a petition was circulated
>suggesting the homeless be cleared from city streets and parks....."
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