[Hpn] Play Hobson's Choice Online:The Game You Just Can't Leave

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 14:30:37 EST

While I suspect that the following URL has been posted on the HPN list 
before, I haven't been able to come across a recent message about it within 
a four month period unless I missed it during my quick scan through the 
archives. Anyway, my apologies if this is a repeat.

For anyone who has never been homeless, or if so -- may have forgotten what 
it is really like and about, here is an online version of Hobson's Choice to 
play which may be of interest to you and others whom you know if you or they 
are not already aware of it yet.

If you have your own Web site, especially one regarding homelessness or 
related matters, you may want to consider providing a link to the below Web 

Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont


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Play Hobson's Choice Online: Intro page:


-- The Game You Just Can't Leave


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Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA

PS  If you have not been there either before or recently,
make sure to visit Sundog Stories: http://www.sundogstories.net

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