[Hpn] The Blessings of Current Chaos :)

Anitra Freeman anitra@speakeasy.org
Fri, 17 Nov 2000 18:23:16 -0800 (PST)

From the home page of Rob Brehzny's astrology site:  

Week of November 16, 2000

Happy No New President Week, Beauty and Truth Fans!

All hail the Tricky Goddess of Benevolent Mischief, also known as the
Cosmic Instigator of Healing Trouble! Let us praise and ratify her
ingenious plan to turn the status quo upside-down!

The exposure of corruption and sloppiness in the American electoral
process is a blessing on all of humanity! The abject bewilderment of
political spinmeisters and media know-it-alls is cause for global
celebration! The eruption of fertile chaos has made it impossible to
carry on with political business as usual, and we could not have
received a more beautiful gift!

A prayer:

Oh Wise Trickster Goddess, You Compassionate Conjurer of Relentless
Change, You Righteous Rascal in Charge of Keeping a Steady Flow of
Sacred Uproar Pouring into Our Lives:

Please continue to checkmate the two-party system with your
unpredictable outbreaks of novelty so that we may be endlessly
entertained by spittle- flecked old white guys with sour faces fuming
about their loss of control.

And if you don't mind, Sweet Divine Rebel Goddess, please allow us to
nurture a spark of hope that this breakdown in the Way Things Have
Always Been Done will lead to fresh, hot, tidal-wave breakthroughs of
beauty, truth, justice, equality and love everywhere we turn.  
[end forward]

There's lots more.  I figured that's the most I could get away with
quoting under Fair Use. :)  Go read the rest!  It's enlightening. :)

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