[Hpn] Nation Plunges Into Chaos [satire]

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Fri, 17 Nov 2000 01:37:18 -0500


couldn't you have had at least one gandhi character in there.
this seeing of violence is telling in the response to the wto. as
we emulate the power structure we tear apart our reason for being,
a  way not of our enemy will be more effective for the whole.
give peace a chance

there's money in peace ?    scam

chance martin wrote:

> Nation Plunges Into Chaos
> <http://onion.com/onion3641/nation_plunges_into_chaos.html>
> Pro-Bush Rebels Seize Power In West; DC In Flames
> Presidential-election-related violence continued to spread across the nation
> Tuesday, with Day Seven of the battle for the White House claiming another
> 1,200 lives.
> In Bush-controlled Tennessee, news of Gore1s call for a sixth recount in the
> disputed territory of Florida sparked full-scale rioting, with Republican
> militiamen setting fire to Gore1s heavily fortified Nashville compound. It
> is believed Gore running mate Joseph Lieberman was trapped in the blaze,
> though his whereabouts and status were unknown as of press time.
> In Austin, Democrats continued to clash with armed Bush troops outside the
> Texas capitol.
> Inside, the Bush family waited for news on the welfare and whereabouts of
> Dick Cheney, who wascarried off by a band of NARAL Reproductive-Freedom
> Fighters.Washington sources reported via short-wave radio that the city is
> littered with burning and abandoned National Guard tanks. The last D.C.
> television transmissions, which were broadcast at 11:22 p.m. EST Monday,
> showed the drowned bodies of more than 200 Young Republicans in the National
> Mall1s cyanide-laced reflecting pool. It is unknown whether the deaths are a
> mass suicide or the work of a Democratic guerrilla group operating out of
> the Gore-controlled territory of Maryland.
> Since declaring himself President For Life, President Clinton has remained
> sealed inside a subterranean White House bunker with a cadre of Secret
> Service personnel and a stockpile of canned goods. Like the many state
> governors who declared themselves regional warlords over the weekend,
> Clinton said he plans to wait out the fighting in the streets.
> Meanwhile, Bush and Gore steadfastly maintained their claims to the
> presidency after respectively declaring Austin, TX, and Nashville the
> provisional national capitals. While Gore controls much of the nation1s
> Northeast and Upper Midwest, Bush currently holds all territory west of the
> Mississippi River except California and Washington. Each man has issued
> commands to the American people to cease rioting and acknowledge him as
> president and has ordered the armed forces to salute him as the next
> Commander In Chief.
> Borders between Gore states and Bush states have been witness to some of the
> fiercest fighting of the past week. Along the Illinois-Indiana border, an
> estimated 240 people have died in skirmishes, including 47 Danville, IL,
> residents in a midnight Hoosier raid on the Gore-controlled state. On
> Sunday, police at the Arizona-California border turned away more than 40,000
> Golden State Republicans seeking to cross into Bush-controlled Arizona.
> Democratic refugees attempting to cross in the opposite direction were
> similarly rebuffed.
> News of other presidential candidates is sketchy at best. On Monday,
> National
> Public Radio reported that a man "strongly resembling" Ralph Nader was
> crucified at the hands of angry New Hampshire Democrats. Pat Buchanan is
> believed to have entered Florida with several hundred Jewish
> followers shortly before communications with the state were lost.
> Libertarian Party candidate Harry Browne is believed to be mounting a
> challenge to election results in Suffolk County, NY, where Constitution
> Party candidate Howard Phillips edged him out for fifth place by just two
> votes.
> Alan Greenspan, who established the Fed-In-Exile in Paris last Friday, has
> announced a freeze on the markets until order can be restored. He has
> temporarily fixed the value of the U.S. dollar at $15 Canadian.
> Citizens have been urged to stay in their homes and keep their lights off
> until further notice.
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