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Green Corps' has a one-year, full-time, **PAID** Environmental Leadership
Training Program that gives you the best training available to launch an
organizing and advocacy career.

Can you imagine yourself running a campaign to defend old growth forests from
corporate logging companies, protecting local communities from pesticides or
starting your own environmental group?

ORGANIZATION:  Green Corps is a non-profit field school for environmental
organizing, founded by leading environmentalists in 1992 to identify and train
the next generation of environmental leaders.  Our program includes
intensive classroom training, hands-on experience running urgent environmental
and public health campaigns, and placement assistance in permanent positions
with leading environmental groups.

TRAINING:  The Introductory Classroom Training, held in Boston, MA, teaches you
to mobilize grassroots support, train community leaders, and work with the
media.  You will learn about issues you care about - from endangered species, to
corporate responsibility to toxic threats to communities.

You will learn from environmental leaders who have real-life experience fighting
to protect our environment like Dolores Huerta, Co-Founder of United Farm
Workers, and Bob Bingaman, National Field Director of Sierra Club.  Four
subsequent week-long classroom training sessions held throughout the year teach
you additional skills and hone your ability to plan and implement effective

RESPONSIBILITIES:  As a Green Corps Field Organizer, you'll plan and implement a
series of campaigns conducted on behalf of groups like Rainforest Action Network
and Pesticide Watch.  Your job will include recruiting, training and supervising
volunteers, interns and staff;  working with the media;  fundraising;  and
mobilizing grassroots support.

JOB PLACEMENT:  Our graduates are in high demand and quickly find jobs working
on issues they care about.  After you complete the training program, Green Corps
will connect you to organizations with job openings as well as other
opportunities for full-time social change work.

QUALIFICATIONS:  We will invite 35 people to participate in the 2001-2002
Environmental Leadership Training Program.  We are looking for people who are
serious about saving the planet, have experience working with environmental or
social change issues, and have demonstrated leadership experience. Bachelor's
degree is beneficial but not a necessity!

Everyone with passion and purpose is encouraged to apply!

LOCATIONS AND DATES:  We place Field Organizers is 20 cities across the nation,
which may include Washington, DC, and cities in California, Colorado,
Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico,
North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and Wisconsin.

The program begins in August 2001, with the Introductory Classroom Training in
Boston, MA, and concludes with graduation in August 2002.

SALARY AND BENEFITS:  Salary of $18,000, health care coverage, paid sick days
and holidays, two weeks paid vacation, and a student loan repayment program.

TO APPLY:  We encourage you to apply on-line at our website, www.greencorps.org,
especially if Green Corps is not conducting interviews on your campus.  Paper
applications may also be available at your campus career office.  Deadlines vary
by location beginning in January 2001 and concluding March 1, 2001.

National Early Submission (preferred): January 14, 2001

Lisa Archer
Green Corps
National Field Organizer
202-783-7400 x111


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