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john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:51:35 -0800 (PST)

I have been involved in a similar project for several
years now!
The Austinites call it a Freeze Shelter Program that
is run by the participating churches. In this program
there are nearly a gross of churches that contribute
to a parent collective corporate for local programs
that are derived from benevolent giving. Seven
churches are involved of which 3 handle teens one is
for women and children and three are for all.
 I am now the volunteer leader and homeless buffer in
setting some of the policies.  Our churches set the
rules mostly to be health and safety conscious to the
laws. We do have neighborhood watch programs, and some
church givers that protest our function. We open at
7:00 pm and close at 7:00 am any night that the temp
is predicted to drop below freezing by three media
sources of the callers discression. The caller intern
attempts to call the church freeze shelter director
and stock the pantries for the night, provided that
there is no conflict. We give a hot meal at night and
in the am, pass out a cover, or two if there is no
mats for the linoleum floor.
Remember the church coordinator is legally responsible
for all the laws, and rules of the health department,
and other inspecting agencies. There for we must serve
those things that need minimal preparation and have
long shelf life. Much of the supplies that you are
requesting are u-necessary as the day shelters,
service providers, groceries houses, food pantries,
church based groups often are happy to give you some
of the assistance you request, especially as they gear
up for Thanksgiving and Christmas. But watch the
financial situation as the new year hits.
Homeless help is not as classy as disaster relief nor
should it be somuchas we desire it to be so. Boiled
eggs, coffee, juice, milk, taco, and oatmeal is often
the type of breakfast menu we offer. Communicate with
some of your street people see where they get their
help from, they are generally good assistance in these
matters because the run on some of what you want and
You can inquire about recruitment of staffing through
the churches as part of a rotation system. Volunteers
are happy to help a few times a year but not too
often, there for you need some for the overall life of
the program that are called upon about twice a month
during the season as a part of a given shift. Many
churches offer to staff a kitchen for one meal a month
and shift there crew to offer there services every
third month. often people will come in and run out to
get supplies that we need thus dropping 50 dollars
into the hat as a gift offering, a one shot deal as
they are driven to help in their visit. We respect the
privacy of those that enter aswell as the church
members rights to see how their church is used. I hope
this helped with some of your questions. It is too
broad of a question that you have posted.

--- Bill Tinker <wtinker@fcgnetworks.net> wrote:
> From: Dennis Murphree <dmurph7@cyberportal.net>
> > Bob and I are at the church talking about a plan
> to help the homeless.
> What
> > we need are volunteers to stay at the church at
> night. We want to cook hot
> > meals, set up cots to get them out of the cold. We
> have a homeless
> gentleman
> > sleeping on the couch as I write this. We need
> cooks to help prepare meals
> > on a daily basis. We are doing this plan now as
> the urgency of the hour is
> > upon us. We need food, cots, towels, toiletry
> items donated as soon as
> > possible as now is the time to take action.
> > Rally the troops and if you could help it would be
> very much appreciated.
> > Dennis.
> >

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