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Recently published editorial & article -- FYI:

Burlington Free Press
Monday, November 13, 2000
* Vermont local news section
Fire apparently started by homeless:


Burlington Free Press
Tuesday, November 14, 2000
* Editorial
Another alarm:


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Burlington Free Press


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~~~Related information:

To read an article about Rita Markley, go to:

Seven Days
[Vermont Weekly]
December 8, 1999
Homing Instinct:
Streetwise and shelter savvy,
Rita Markley stays the course
to end homelessness in Vermont


Rita Markley, COTS Director, e-mail:


~~~Call to action:

What: Homeless Vigil

Where: Burlington Vermont; City Hall

When: Thursday, December 14, 2000

For more information and for updates
regarding the homeless vigil, go to:

Committee On Temporary Shelter (COTS) -- Burlington, VT:


-- Note: COTS will have something about the vigil posted on its website 

City of Burlington, VT Official Web site:


Greater Burlington VT Area Map:


Downtown Burlington VT Map:


City Hall Park Area zoomed-in Map:


~~~Coming up! COTS November 27th - December 7th phonathon, to raise $100,000 
for the homeless:



For more information about how to help, call COTS at
802-864-7402, extension 104, or email: cots@together.net

or find out at,

How to Help: You can make a difference!:


-- or volunteer on-line:


~~~Forwarded message -- FYI:

On: Friday, October 27, 2000 at 17:45:46 -0400
Kurt Reichelt, of COTS <cots@together.net> wrote:

Homeless Vigil

Dear Morgan Brown,

COTS is organizing a Vigil for the Homeless for Thursday, December 14 at 
City Hall.  This event coincides with similar events across the country. 
It's an opportunity to remember the thousands of people in Vermont who are 
homeless each year.  Please join us and help spread the word about this 
event to other people you know.  We will have something posted on our 
website soon.  www.cotsonline.org


Kurt Reichelt, COTS Staff

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Morgan W. Brown
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