[Hpn] Re: posting on 12 homeless campers posted by Tom.

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 16:29:45 -0500

so who would be responsible for the mess these unfortunates live in?
what are these "squatters rights" ? i expect if caught to be tossed out.

arrested only if i refuse/give em shit.
how do i proove it's my stuff ?
discrimination ?
supervisors turn into dictators and i'd find some other squat. you think

a fellow bum is any better than a sal army worker when it comes to
running my life?
and again  crimes are crimes. whether i hate you or not  assault and
have only ignorance at there core. this callin in more adjectives on
crime is
divide and conquer tactics. don't buy into the game.
john macpherson wrote:

> We have repeatedly have had the courts find that due
> process is not served when a homeless persons camp is
> destroyed by Police, until after the fact of repeated
> warning.  By similar theory of eminent domain and
> squatters rights under the law the said criminal
> trespassers have the right to there personal property
> under the constitution of the United States. However
> they may be charged with the cleanup of the site, and
> may suffer other pending accusations of arson, litter
> and chemical abuse.
> Such accusations and treatment are frequent causing
> heightened discrimination among the homeless and
> community as a whole. Thus bringing my feeling to
> offer camp grounds to the homeless under the
> supervision of the homeless as intercessor s for the
> communities in which they live. Such supervisors could
> make up a workable task force for the social services
> and police, protecting the members of these camps from
> outside harmful forces.  Homeless discrimination hate
> crimes is one of the largest killers of the 60 plus
> homeless people that died in Austin last year.
> I welcome comments!
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