[Hpn] Fwd: November 22 - National Housing Strategy Day of Action

Bonnie Briggs s248_1132@hotmail.com
Tue, 14 Nov 2000 18:51:08 +0000 (GMT)

Hi gang,
  This is a big event coming up in Toronto on November 22/2000. If you're 
going to be in town then, why not join us? it would be a blast to meet some 
of you.

>November 22 - National Housing Strategy Day of Action
>co-sponsored by the:
>-  City of Toronto
>-  Federation of Canadian Municipalities
>    <federation@fcm.ca>    <http://www.fcm.ca/>
>-  National Housing and Homelessness Network (NHHN),
>    of which TDRC (Toronto Disaster Relief Committee)
>    is a member
>National Housing Strategy
>Day of Action
>Wednesday, November 22, 2000
>Community Meal @ 1:00 pm in the Church of the Holy Trinity
>(right behind the Eaton Centre)  followed by a
>Rally in Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall)
>On November 22nd there will be action across Canada
>commemorating the second anniversary of the Big City Mayors
>Caucus of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
>which declared homelessness a National Disaster. The Caucus
>also called upon the Federal government to develop a
>National Housing Strategy to end homelessness in Canada.
>Community organizations from across the city are
>strategizing to ensure that this historical event is well
>attended. It will be a rallying call, underlining the need
>for a National Housing Strategy to respond to Canada's
>homelessness disaster.
>The date of November 22nd was strategically chosen to fall
>before the federal election to maximize its political
>statement. Mayors from municipalities outside Toronto are
>being invited to attend and encouraged to have their cities
>host similar events.
>In Toronto:
>1pm - Community Meal @ Church of the Holy Trinity
>2pm - Rally @ Nathan Phillips Square
>The City of Toronto has endorsed November 22nd as the
>National Housing Strategy Day of Action and is helping to
>organize the event. There will be speakers, entertainment
>and a community meal for homeless people and their
>supporters on Nathan Phillips Square.
>The historic National Housing Strategy Day of Action is
>co-sponsored by the National Housing Policy Options Team
>(NHPOT) of the FCM.  This team was created after the Big
>City Mayors Caucus declared homelessness a National Disaster
>with the intention to propose a national housing strategy as
>the solution.  Their final proposal for such a strategy was
>released in early October, 2000 and can be found on the
>website www.fcm.ca.
>It is also co-sponsored by the City of Toronto and the
>Advisory Committee on Homelessness and Socially Isolated
>Persons of the city is playing a key role in helping to plan
>the event.  The third co-sponsor is the National Housing and
>Homelessness Network (NHHN) representing community advocates
>fighting for the One Percent Solution to fund a National
>Housing Strategy.  Information on the 1% Solution can be
>found at http://www.tao.ca/~tdrc.
>For information:
>Kira Heineck - event organizer - 416-599-8372   <tdrc@web.net>
>Susan Shepherd, City of Toronto - 416-392-5398
>Michael Shapcott, NHHN - 416-366-1711, x224     <mshapcott@chfc.ca>
>Federation of Canadian Municipalities <federation@fcm.ca>  
>Similar events are occurring in other cities and communities
>across Canada.
>    ............................................
>    Bob Olsen, Toronto     bobolsen@interlog.com
>    ............................................

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