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Tue, 14 Nov 2000 09:34:28 -0800 (PST)

Please read my inserted comments.

--- "H. C. Covington" <icanamerica@email.msn.com>
> 11/6/2000
> Homeless Backlash

> The government’s “Change a Life” campaign asks good
> Samaritan s not to give spare
> change to the estimated 1,600 homeless people who
> sleep on the streets each night.

There reasoning is screwed, to their own begging
practices in this statement.
> Instead, the campaign suggests people should
> volunteer at local soup kitchens or
> donate items to charity. The government’s "Rough
> Sleepers" (homeless) Unit
> created controversy when it suggested that giving
> money to the homeless fuels alcohol and drug

It appears that the unit fears that people will stop
giving to the agencies more-so than the "fueling of
addiction." It is my experience that money does fuel
the addiction but it purchases the needs of daily
living with better food, clothing, batteries for their
listening appliances as the tecnologicaly deprived
seek there right to life.
> Shelter fears the campaign could make life more
> difficult for the homeless.
> “This initiative could increase the stigma of
> homelessness and make life even
> worse for people who are already subject to high
> levels of abuse and violence,”
> said Shelter director Chris Holmes.
> The group says the best way to fight begging was to
> examine why people were on the streets and to find

This is the best part of their idea if it were an
unknown. It's just a profound lie as we know basic
reasons why people live on the streets. The group is
just seeking another way to further their own
prosperity.  Studies have little scientific truth to
them as most are at some point and time argued that
statistics are in fact manipulable, while the best way
to study the situation is with some electronic
unscientific gadgetry that records.
> The unit's chief, Louise Casey, last year dubbed
> handouts to beggars as``misplaced goodwill.''

Only because Louise Casey, seeks job security.
> But her unit said on Monday Change a Life was not an
> anti-begging campaign.
> ``Few human beings can walk past their fellow man in
> the street and not be moved by a desire to help.

Though I am moved by this desire. It is by my personal
experiences in my-own struggle that allows me the
opportunities of offering direction to those in need
of compassion directed by my beliefs, and case by case
> ``This campaign is part of a government's
> responsibility to inform the public of
> the best ways they can help make a real difference.
> It is not an anti-begging campaign.''
> Government figures show that some 1,600 people sleep
> on the streets every night.
> Shelter says the figure is probably higher.

Though I instinctively believe that the shelters are
more likely to be correct and up to date with their
estimates, there primary strategy and purpose is the
life giving blood of the institutions. Both are
businesses for hire to satisfy the needs of their
payor s.
> Social policy experts last week attacked the
> campaign ahead of Monday's launch,
> British newspaper the Independent reported.
> The experts said in an open letter to Prime Minister
> Tony Blair that the advertising campaign was
``potentially harmful'' and could force people into
> crime and prostitution.

The oldest trades of all urban societies.
> Shelter said the best way to fight begging was to
> look at why people were on the streets and to find
alternatives.``The priority must be to find
alternatives for those on the streets, whether
homeless or not,''
> Holmes said.

This is done by helping a small trusted few homeless
at a time by showing them and the casual observer that
that person is worthy of the help that they are
directly getting from you as an individual.  The
government has taken the unofficial position of the
industrialized consumer where we take a product and
turn it into TRASH. Our government believes that the
homeless is a disposable sector of society. It is our
job to show the government and society that all people
count regardless of their personal financial means.

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