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From: United American Indians of New England <uaine19@idt.net>

Thursday, November 23, 2000
12 Noon
Cole's Hill
(the hill above Plymouth Rock)
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Join us as we dedicate the 31st National Day of Mourning to our brother, 
Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier.  Add your voice to the
worldwide who demand his freedom.  Help us in our struggle to create a
awareness of Native people and demonstrate Native unity.  Help shatter
untrue glass image of the Pilgrims and the unjust system based on racism,

sexism, and homophobia.

For More Information Contact:
United American Indians of New England/LPSG
PO Box 697501, Quincy, MA  02269
Phone and Fax: (781) 331-3690
E-mail: uaine19@idt.net
Website:  http://idt.net/~uaine19

United American Indians of New England
P.O. Box 697501  Quincy, MA  02269  Telephone 781-331-3690  Fax 781-331 
3690  e-mail: uaine19@idt.net
Visit our website at http://idt.net/~uaine19

Dear Sisters and 
November 1, 2000
Here is an orientation on National Day of Mourning 2000.  We look forward

to seeing you in Plymouth on November 23, 2000.
WHAT IS NATIONAL DAY OF MOURNING?  An annual tradition since 1970, Day of

Mourning is a solemn, spiritual and highly political day.  Many of us
from sundown the day before through the afternoon of that day (and have a

social after Day of Mourning so that participants in DOM can break their 
fasts).  We are mourning our ancestors and the genocide of our peoples
the theft of our lands.  NDOM is a day when we mourn, but we also feel
strength in political action.  Over the years, participants in Day of 
Mourning have buried Plymouth Rocka number of times, boarded the
replica, and placed ku klux klan sheets on the statue of William
         WHEN AND WHERE IS DAY OF MOURNING?  Thursday, November 23, 2000 
(U.S. "thanksgiving" day) at Cole's Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts, 12
SHARP.  Cole's Hill is the hill above Plymouth Rock in the Plymouth 
historic waterfront area.
         WILL THERE BE A MARCH?  There will be a march this year through 
the historic district of Plymouth.  Plymouth has agreed, as part of the 
settlement of 10/19/98, that UAINE may march on Day of Mourning without
need for a permit as long as we give the town advance notice.
         DRUMS:  Native drummers and singers are welcomed.  Non-Native or

"mixed" drums are not.
         PROGRAM:  Although we welcome our non-Native supporters to stand

with us, it is a day when Native people only speak about our history and 
what is going on with us now and the struggles that are taking place 
throughout the Americas.  Speakers will be by invitation only.
This year's NDOM is once again dedicated to our brother Leonard 
Peltier.  Please take the time to read the enclosed material about the 
Peltier Walk for Freedom on December 10 in New York City and about the 
final push for Clinton to grant clemency!
         VENDORS/LITERATURE:  DOM is not a pow-wow nor a day to make
or entertain the tourists.  We do not allow anyone to buy or sell 
merchandise at DOM under any circumstances.  There are 364 other days in 
the year when people can do so.  If you have literature that is free, we 
will provide a place for you to put it.  If you try to sell literature or

other merchandise, our Peacekeepers will ask you to stop.  Native elders 
involved with UAINE and Day of Mourning since 1970 have been very clear
this point.  The only exception is that we usually have a blanket dance
raise funds for the Peltier Defense Committee and UAINE.
         POT-LUCK:  There will be a pot-luck social following DOM.  There

are very limited kitchen facilities in the social hall, so please bring 
something that does not need to be cooked or heated.  We ask that you 
respect our custom that elders, pregnant women and children eat 
first.  People who do not respect our customs will be asked to leave.
         WEATHER:  It is often cold and very windy.  We cannot predict 
whether there will be rain or snow.  Please dress for the weather.  Dress

in layers, and remember that you will be standing outside on cold ground 
for at least a couple of hours.
         TRANSPORTATION:  Limited bus seats will be available from 
Boston.  Contact the Boston International Action Center at (617)
         FUNDING:  UAINE is in serious need of monetary donations for Day

of Mourning 2000, so that we may purchase paper products and other items 
for the social, for printing and mailing, tables and chairs, sound and 
stage, you name it!  Please give whatever you can afford to help with
historic event.
         CAN'T GET TO DAY OF MOURNING?  Some people who live too far away

to travel are having a Day of Mourning right where they live.  We
people to take steps locally to increase awareness about past and 
continuing mistreatment of Native peoples.





_____I'm enclosing a donation of $________ to help UAINE with National
of Mourning.

United American Indians of New England
P.O. Box 697501 Quincy, MA  02269  (781) 331-3690  uaine19@idt.net

Please get involved with the Countdown to Clemency Campaign for Leonard 
Peltier, and please plan to march in New York City on December 10.  For 
more information, go to the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee website:

Join the Counter-Inaugural in Washington, DC on January 20.  For more 
information, go to the International Action Center website:

Free Mumia Abu Jamal!  http://www.mumia2000.org/

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