[Hpn] While Gore supporters are holding protests ...

unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:26:55 -0500

   have you been following the "turner diaries" this is the white rascist
screed of the militias.
who's puttin this continuation out?

chance martin wrote:

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> While Gore supporters are holding protests ...
> Subj: [TheEagle-L] Fwd: While Gore supporters are holding protests
> in the streets, Bush supporters are buying bullets ...
> Date: 11/12/2000
> From:    <truthsupplier@yahoo.com> (wilford bates)
>   While Gore supporters are holding protests in the streets, Bush supporters
> are buying bullets at gun shops. In the three days since the U.S. General
> Election, ammunition sales throughout the United States have jumped an
> astonishing nine-hundred percent (900%). Americans are furious over massive,
> blatant and widespread vote fraud by supporters of Al Gore and many are
> openly talking about "blood in the streets."
> Voter fraud in Tuesdays general election has Radio Talk Shows throughout
> the United States burning up with callers who are openly speaking about
> civil insurrection, blood in he streets, state secession from the Union and
> wondering aloud whether President Bill Clinton will use this election
> debacle as an excuse to remain in power after his term expires on January
> 20, 2001.
> Such talk is not limited to fanatics; U.S. Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX),
> lent credibility to the prospects of violence when he was asked tonight on
> radio station WBCQ if President Clinton would use this situation to remain
> in power. Responding to that query, Rep. Paul stated "Six months ago, I
> thought the idea was preposterous. Now I'm not so sure. The people would
> come out and there would be total violence."
> Not since the early 1860's prior to the Civil War has the US population
> been so divided and openly talking about violent civil warfare. Radio
> callers are making unprecedented open and public calls to employ the Second
> Amendment (right to keep and bear arms) to protect the integrity of the
> Constitution and of the Bush election.
> This election has pitted brother against brother, parent against child,
> young against old, white against black, Gentile against Jew. The anger is
> palatable and the situation grows steadily worse.
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