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Subject: Gomberg Squats Princess Margaret Hospital

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 Subject: Gomberg Squats Princess Margaret Hospital

 News Release
 5 p.m., Sunday Nov. 12

 Concerned Citizens Open the Old Princess Margaret Hospital

 Mayoral Candidate Tooker Gomberg and supporters have opened the Old
 Princess Margaret Hospital located 1 block north and 1 block west of
 Wellesley and Sherbourne. They have opened it to the 2000 homeless people
 sleeping on the street tonight as temperatures reach near freezing.

 "The building is empty, and the heat is on. The province has given it to
 the city to house the homeless. So what are we waiting for? The only right
 thing for the Mayor to do is open the building!" says Gomberg.

 Please come down now to join the group in the hospital, to sleep the night
 or to offer support.

 For more information, call c. 834-2453 or c. 839-2453.

 Now is the time to make this miracle happen. We have done the legwork, and
 planted many seeds of hope and enthusiasm.

 Let us now reap the harvest!

 Be sure to tell EVERYBODY you know how important it is to vote. Typically,
 most people don't bother. That means that EVERY vote will matter.

 Thanks for helping spread the word! If you can spare a few hours to help
 leaflet, put up signs, or make phone calls, then call the office.

 -tooker and Angela

    Gomberg for Mayor
    Campaign Headquarters
    244 Gerrard St. East, (east of Ontario)
    Toronto, M5A 2G2

    Phone: (416) 968-7626 (as easy to remember as: YOUR MAN)

    Check out our rockin' web site:

    Keep in Touch -- join our email list! email: tooker@web.ca


    Bob Olsen, Toronto

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