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Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:09:23 -0500

It was nice that the Governor Jeanne Shaheen,and Senator Rick Trombly found
time to campaign in downtown Franklin NH.The very city that has with out
batting an eye lash displaced 37 people out of their permanent housing into
what ever they could scrounge for and get even though most persons were low
income and Franklin Housing authority eligible.That meant that they were
section 8 approved two months prior to  the three houses that Franklin's
hired appraiser condemned the buildings...Its very suspicious to this writer
that there is a conspiracy to cleanse down town Franklin of disabled and
poor persons.
I am really concerned that Senator Trombly has not  held up his end of the
bargin and got a meeting prior to election day November 7th,as in September
he said that we would meet with the Governor! There are still at least three
different residents sleeping with out permanent shelter thanks to the Mayor
and city managers office!
Of course Franklin has told about three stories in regards to why this was
done but it boils down to this that a local bank and lawyer with clout had
their hands into this up to their elbows.
I had a bank account with this bank 6 years ago and am glad I moved all my
money out of it as this is absolutely  morally and legally wrong what they
have done here!
Also its really odd that the houses were fit to live in two months earlier
and  Section 8 housing was paying a stipend to help low income families,but
as soon as Franklin came out with their $54,000.00 man's appraisal claiming
the houses were unfit to live in is when Franklin Housing pulled their
Section 8 certificates .Weird huh?
Sorry Governor Shaheen we have given you every chance to show your colors
and you have alright, you have. I did used to vote democratic as a
independant,  but I fear you have lost two voters here in this house.
I wish to thank you for all you have done to not aid the residents of
Franklin Street in being relocated Senator Trombly and Governor Shaheen!I am
sure that you were really concerned with these 37 persons housing as much as
you have helped!
Bill Tinker
William Charles Tinker
 25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276
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