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john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 11:36:38 -0800 (PST)

I have expanded on these questions and your reply
quite a bit, as that made it the easiest way for me to
respond. IT still carries my thoughts and style.

--- unclescam <unclescam@buskers.org> wrote:
> >
> >
> > This seemed like an opportunity to spark a
> discussion on this topic, if
> > anyone is willing.
> >
> > In which media, if any, do you feel that homeless
> people and homeless
> > issues are covered accurately?
Often collage papers have the interest time and
willpower to cover these local stories, of human
interest. The under ground papers often cover such
stories well.  The mainstream locals can as I see on
TV however our local paper is owned by an out of state
magnet.  There for it must comply with its standards. 
> >
> > Are they covered to the extent of their national
> importance?
> there is no national importance in homeless issues.
> thus the local view is
> blown up.
I agree That that is there current attitude on the
issues! Yet many of the collage papers are willing to
research the problems better and get un-bias opinions,
through multiple interviews. They don't have a parole
to meet.
> >
> > What factors contribute to full and accurate
> coverage of homeless issues?
> the writer either does a good job or not. So true,
but that is due to overhead expenses. We that produce
street papers have little if any writing skills but we
do portray the homeless well. We spend a lot of time
attending meetings of the service providers, and form
our own street methods of observations and internal
discussion groups.
> >
> > What factors interfere with that?
> individual writers have their own filters and
> editors.  I just commented th that effect however
other factors that I mentioned as well as the authors
fears. There for we can more easily compare the
factors a direct parallel to an election, as there
always being annalized.
 We can run a parallel to the recent presidential
campaign in comparing that of the past. This one was
run extreemly clean and close on all issues.  That is
largely the reason for the dead heat!
> > Are these factors the same as those that affect
> the coverage of any issue, or are there particular
factors affecting the coverage of homeless issues?
> Any story of local issues are covered the same. 
This statement is false and we all know it. We can
look at issues as several major parties and divide
these parties into their proper sub-groupings. There
are the homeless themselves that have only one thing
in common They don't have a roof which is a disability
in our society to those that mainstream. For every
major category there are sub groups. the service
provider is interested in only those that find there
way to meeting their personal addenda and generally
fail to create  drives to better service there own
population of interest. Thus there are little shops of
isolation that come together to seek common funding
 The poletion and population considers the homeless
detrimental to there socio economics and generate laws
that make it clear that the homeless are disposable
parts of society. That it is cheaper in the long run
to dispose of what is broken than repair it as part of
community redevelopment.
> >
> > What would more and better coverage of homeless
> issues look like?
> a (scientific) hodgepodge of societies faults (and
> >
> > What would be the effects of more and better
coverage of homeless issues?
> a better understanding of the definitions of
> homelessness and the associated problems.
> >
> > What aspects of the Internet make it easier to
> disseminate information about social issues?
> to those with access and the ability to comprehend
reality it only enhances the lack of objectivity in
the user.
>To properly respond to this Question we must first
examine the current usages if the net and were it is
currently going! Because I a homeless person,
currently in the process of being re-tooled from
industrial trades into seditary work, I can no longer
preform those tasks that I was capable of doing twenty
and thirty years ago before the  use of the PC became
a common object.
> >
> > What factors of the Internet make it harder?
> access!  ACCESS??? I don't understand this statement
I think that access is increasingly easier as the
price of computers continue to fall and greater access
is coming down the line in public libraries,
households, schools etc. five and ten years ago I
would comprehend this statement but not today.
> >
> > ***
> >
> > I've asked as many questions as Tom Boland does!
> :)  Maybe we will all
> > have similar answers on these questions.  Or maybe
> a discussion will
> > give us some ideas for improving the media.
> >
> > In my own analysis of the social values that have
> changed in my
> > lifetime, it seems to me that the media was a
> major factor in that
> > change.

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