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>Remember the homeless
>Hi guys,
>   Here is a promo for Tooker Gomberg, enviromental candidate for Mayor of 
>Toronto. We are having our Municipal Election on Monday. We're almost 
>there, we are hoping that we can push this over the top and send Mel 
>Lastman, our present Mayor, a message. "You're outta here!"
>>Hey folks, could you email this out pronto to your 
>>lists? Help us get the word out!
>>Angela and Tooker
>>What's the Tooker Gomberg for Mayor of Toronto Campaign about?
>>Elections are about more than just voting. They are a time to discuss and
>>consider our potential to meet our dreams about justice, ecology and
>>democracy -- the sort of future we want.
>>Can you help us rock this town?
>>We imagine a Toronto where people don't have to live in cardboard boxes 
>>our kids don't have to use inhalers to breathe. Where we compost and
>>recycle our garbage instead of dumping it on others who don't want it.
>>Where the TTC is quick, far-reaching and accessible, cyclists abound in
>>safe bicycle lanes, and we can safely swim in Lake Ontario. We want to
>>create employment and wealth by protecting our greatest resources -- 
>>and the environment.
>>Our campaign for Mayor of Toronto is electrifying this municipal election
>>with a frank look at our problems and a hopeful look at solutions. Our
>>perspective is global: what have other cities done? What works? Our
>>solutions are practical, popular, and affordable.
>>Like composting. It was my leadership as Edmonton City Councillor that 
>>to the development of the state-of-the-art composting and recycling
>>facility that now diverts 70% of Edmonton's waste. And I was one of the 
>>organizers that succeeded in shutting down the Adams Mine proposal.
>>Our campaign is also talking about smog, and the need to shut down 
>>coal-fired power plant. We're calling on Toronto Hydro to aggressively
>>promote energy efficiency/conservation to help phase out coal and to 
>>the electricity bills. And we're talking about the need for massive
>>investments into renewable sources of electricity, such as wind, solar,
>>geothermal, biomass and small hydroelectric.
>>The Gomberg for Mayor campaign is talking about hunger and about community
>>gardens. About the 60,000 homeless people in Toronto, at least 2 of whom
>>die every week, not to mention the 100,000 people waiting for social
>>housing! We're talking about the need for fair tax reforms for tenants who
>>pay 3 times more property taxes through rent than homeowners. We've got a
>>housing crisis on our hands, Mel and Mike! I'm willing to sleep outside
>>with the homeless (and I did). Are you?
>>Check out our website, http://www.GombergForMayor.org daily: you'll learn
>>about our progressive platforms to support public transit, reduce sprawl,
>>ban pesticide use, promote the arts, and ensure citizen participation.
>>We'll give you the latest news coverage, including video! We'll invite you
>>to parties that celebrate the musicians in our community, and to rallies 
>>the streets.
>>Help us get the word out. Could you distribute some leaflets? Would you
>>like a lawn sign? Call 968-7626. Could you make a donation? Please make
>>your cheque out to Gomberg for Mayor, 244 Gerard Street East, Toronto, M5A
>>2G2. Toronto's generous election rebate program means that for donations 
>>to $300 you'll receive 75% back. That is, if you send us a cheque for 
>>you'll receive a cheque back from the city for $225.
>>Join our email list by sending a note to tooker@web.ca
>>And don't forget to vote on Nov. 13th. It's your right.
>>Join us. Let's laugh and eat and sing and dance together as we change the
>>world right here in Toronto.
>>Tooker Gomberg and the Gang
>>    Our campaign is taking off! In the last few days we have been 
>>    terrific media coverage. Jane Jacobs, David Suzuki, Naomi Klein, John
>>    and many others are endorsing our bid for a sustainable and equitable
>>New Toronto.
>>    We are on a roll. And we need your help.
>>    Now is a pivotal time in the campaign -- we are heading into the home
>>    Election day is Nov. 13. We want to print more leaflets.
>>    We would love to buy some radio and TV ads.
>>    Now is the time to join us -- please make a donation. It's as easy as 
>>    to our website, http://www.GombergForMayor.org and donating with your
>>    credit card. Please, do it now!
>>    Or write a cheque payable to: Gomberg for Mayor.
>>    For every 4 dollars you donate to us, the city GIVES YOU A REFUND of 
>>$3. So
>>    a $200 donation only costs you $50. (Check our webpage for details).
>>    Pick up leaflets, t-shirts, bike flags and LAWN SIGNS:
>>    Mon. - Fri. noon - 8
>>    Sat. noon - 6
>>    Sun. noon - 8
>>    Gomberg for Mayor
>>    Campaign Headquarters
>>    244 Gerrard St. East, (east of Ontario)
>>    Toronto, M5A 2G2
>>    Phone: (416) 968-7626 (as easy to remember as: YOUR MAN)
>>    Check out our rockin' web site:
>>    http://www.GombergForMayor.org
>>    Keep in Touch -- join our email list! email: tooker@web.ca

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