[Hpn] Re: WCMHS/CVCLT Supervised Housing 39 & 40 Barre Street McKinney Apts/CRT Clients

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 16:54:08 EST

I agree with Graeme. I truly wish it were the former rather than the latter. 
But sadly, that isn't what WCMHS or CVCLT is into or concerned about.

Even if the position were for a true "peer support" worker, the person 
should not have access to the other tenants information or case managers. 
They should only be able to contact the authorities or others if that is 
what the tenant clearly wanted and asked for them to do and then only in a 
limited fashion.

The fact is that WCMHS, CVCLT and others want an overseer and watchdog and 
they want them for cheap too. The key word (and the premise behind it) is 
"Supervision ... ".

Another disturbing thing is what sort of person might grab this position, 
what power they will have and the access to "confidential" about the WCMHS 
McKinney tenants they will have and what they could do with it. The person 
taking this position could easily be someone who has little or no other 
options. They also could even be someone who could be violent or otherwise 
exploitive of tenants. Knowing WCMHS and CVCLT and especially how deseparate 
they are to have someone take this position, I doubt they intend to 
carefully screen and do a background check of the person they put into this 
arrangement other than what CVCLT will as they do any potential tenant.


On: Friday, November 10, 2000
Graeme wrote:

If what they were looking for was some form of 'peer support' worker who 
would be bound by other tenants' wishes in carrying out their job, this 
wouldn't be such a bad thing. Instead it appears what is being proposed here 
is someone who will serve at times as an extension to the police and 'mental 
health' industry inside this building - in other words, a spy.


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