[Hpn] WCMHS/CVCLT Supervised Housing 39 & 40 Barre Street McKinney Apts/CRT Clients

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 12:45:43 EST

Hello HPN FT's (Fellow Travelers),

I find what the following forwarded message proposes extremely disturbing. 
It is nothing new however as I have seen ads in newspapers for the same type 
of thing for southeastern Vermont as well.

I use to live in an apartment at 39 Barre Street in Montpelier and am glad 
that I do not any longer especially if this is what they are up to there.

Most of those living at these apartments-(some of these are little more than 
real small efficiency apartment) at 39 and 40 Barre Street who are in the 
"McKinney" apartments mentioned below do not have much a choice of having 
anywhere else to move to - if they wanted to live elsewhere - though, other 
than be homeless like I am or to end up living in even more supervised and 
congregate circumstances than these apartments provide.

Morgan W. Brown



Washington County Mental Health Services = WCMHS

Community Rehabilation and Treatment = CRT

The below message was an internal, but open, WCMHS memo

-------Forwarded FYI-------

Claude Arsenault, Housing Coordinator for the WCMHS CRT Program, in
collaboration with the Central Vermont Community Land Trust (CVCLT), is 
looking for a staff person, consumer or community member interested in a 
Supervised Apartment position.  Free rent will be provided, with the 
understanding that this person will provide support to tenants in CVCLT's 
McKinney units at 39 and 40 Barre Street, Montpelier. This position will:

*	Respond to emergency situations involving WCMHS tenants by
contacting the appropriate services such as police, ambulance, screeners, 
and/or WCMHS case managers.

*	Maintain ongoing communication with case managers so as to create a 
collaborative approach in addressing tenant support issues.

*	Connect with WCMHS case managers or Claude Arsenault, Housing
Coordinator, if there is a concern regarding a tenant's ability to continue 
to live independently.

*	Assist with conflict resolution related to "apartment living," such as 
loud noise and disputes between tenants.

*	Report to CVCLT any property management issues that need attention.

*	Be willing to provide between 6-10 hours of support a week.

*	Must sign a standard tenant lease, and provide documentation on his/her 
income at lease-up and as needed. (A HUD requirement). Tenant must comply 
with all lease terms.

Rent-free agreement may be terminated by CVCLT, the tenant, or WCMHS with 
two weeks notice.  The agreement will expire at such point as McKinney funds 
are no longer available for the project.

Tenant must pay for electricity, telephone, cable TV.

Tenant must provide notice to CVCLT when s/he will be away from the
apartment for more than 48 hours.

Interested parties contact
Claude Arsenault
9 Heaton Street CRT Program
(802) 223-6328
voice mail (802) 229-6600/134-1930
email Claudea@wcmhs.org <mailto:Claudea@wcmhs.org>

---End of forwarded message---

Related URL's (or otherwise related contact) information -- FYI:

Washington County Mental Health Services (WCMHS):


Central Vermont Community Land Trust
107 No. Main Street Room 16
Barre, Vt. 05641
(802) 476-4493; fax: (802) 479-0120

Vermont Tenants, Inc.:


Renting in Vermont handbook:



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material is distributed without charge or profit to
those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving
this type of information for non-profit research and
educational purposes only.**

-------End of forward-------

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA

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