[Hpn] FW: [SOMARA]response to Coalition on homelessness

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Thu, 09 Nov 2000 20:08:07 -0700

From: Belinda Head <belinda_head@yahoo.com>
Reply-To: list@somara.org
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000 18:35:00 -0800 (PST)
To: list@somara.org
Subject: [SOMARA]response to Coalition on homelessness

Thank you for the helpful stats and insight into the
thoughts of the people that you spoke with tonight.

I do not call the police or DPW lightly, in fact it
gives me great pause to have to consider this measure.
I am personally very conflicted about the homeless
situation in the entire city. it is amazing to me that
we can be at the center of such an enormous economic
boom with the city as wealthy as it's ever been and
yet we still struggle with a seemingly increasing
problem. I've got a feeling a lot of decent liberal
minded folks are feeling the same way.

i feel that if we can't fix this now, during these
prosperous times then where the Hell will we be if we
have an economic downturn?

Unfortunately, i don't have any answers. I have tried
not to call the cops, and i certainly don't believe
all homeless people act in the same manner,or should
be stereotyped. However, after several years of trying
to live with the situation i have become simply fed up
with having garbage strewn around my street on trash
day because someone has brought domestic trash from a
street in the mission district to sort through it in
my street and left it spread over several square
I'm fed up with seeing rats running from this garbage,
i'm fed up with stepping over human excrement, i'm fed
up with seeing people shooting up outside the front

i'd like to be part of a sympathetic solution to this
problem, i'd like to push the city to do more and i'd
like to know what ideas the coalition has for dealing
with this. Maybe there's a manifesto we can all get
behind and support. I'm sorry it's not my area of
expertise... i appreciate the facts presented, and i
won't move anyone on who's keeping themselves to
themselves, but my patience is wearing thin..

please offer some solutions as well as facts.
My personal belief is that pressure should be put on
the mayor to deal with this.

thanks for beginning a good discussion.
Belinda Head

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