[Hpn] Canada HOMELESS can VOTE - Register in SHELTERS Sat 25 Nov - FWD please

wch@vcn.com wch@vcn.com
Thu, 09 Nov 2000 08:46:35 +0700

Homeless people can and did vote in Wyoming.  Registration can be done at the
polls on election day and that is when the ones from here voted. No ID is required
and the address of a shelter, a day center, any place they go to regularly can
be used, and they need that only to determine the precinct.  Prior to this year
they could give the location of a vacant lot they were camping in and that would
work, but that does not work anymore -- but as long as they don't change it
to leave out shelters, day centers, etc.  then there will be no problem - we
should go for legislation for this but knowing the way Wyoming works, to do
that might mean they will definitely do something to create a problem for homeless
people to vote =-= so I guess my feeling is about here -- if it aint broke dont
fix it.

We have to proceed with care as so far there are no problems here for the homeless
 -- i mean no problems with polic harrassement, etc. etc. -- of course there
are problems -- but anyway 'nuff said.


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