[Hpn] Canada HOMELESS can VOTE - Register in SHELTERS Sat 25 Nov - FWD please

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Wed, 08 Nov 2000 23:13:02 -0800 (PST)


Registrations will be held in shelters on Saturday, November 25, 2000.

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Federal elections will be held across Canada on Monday, November 27.
Canadian citizens will be able to cast their votes whether they are
residing in this country or in another country, whether they are housebound
or homeless. Citizens will be able to vote even if they are not listed on
the national voters' registry.

Canadian voters will receive voter information cards through the mail from
Elections Canada within the next few days. That's about three million in
the Greater Toronto Area of some 20 million nationwide.

Cards should be checked to ensure that your name and address are correct.
If the information is incorrect contact the returning officer. The card
will also have the name of the returning officer for your riding.

If you do not receive a voter information card over the next few days,
perhaps because you have recently moved, recently become a Canadian citizen
or recently turned 18 years of age, then contact your returning officer. To
find out the name of the returning officer and riding in which you live,
call Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868, or visit the website at
<http://www.elections.ca> .

Also included on voter information cards will be the location of your
polling station.

For those not able to vote on November 27, advance polls are also listed on
the cards.

If you are also unable to vote on November 27 or to use advance polls,
arrangements can be made by mail or at the office of the returning officer
for special ballots.

Those who are a bit last-minute can register to vote on November 27 by
taking two pieces of identification to the polling station. One must
contain your name and address. The other must have your name and signature.
If those are not available you may take an oath before the deputy returning
officer asserting your identity with assurance of your identity provided by
another person on the voters' list.

Those who are homeless may also find it easier than in previous years to
vote. For those living in shelters, registrations will be held in shelters
on Saturday, November 25. If you miss being registered on that date use
your health card as identification at the polling station in order to vote.
For those who are housebound and cannot make it to polling stations,
arrangements can be made by calling the returning officer.

Those voting in other countries can drop off special ballots at Canadian
embassies, consulates and high commissions.

Only Canadian citizens are eligible to vote. Canadian residents who are
landed immigrants - regardless of the length of residency - are not
eligible to vote. To be eligible to vote in future elections, you must
acquire Canadian citizenship. Don't procrastinate any further, apply NOW!


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