[Hpn] Re: dream on

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Wed, 8 Nov 2000 10:52:01 -0800 (PST)

I doubt that it's over yet. They both have the right
under the rules to contest the states that are very
close I herd the number was 1.5 percent and Florida is
the only state that makes recounts automatic. We may
not know for sure till the mess is cleared up. Because
the shrub lost the popular vote by about 300,000
nationally, and the Electoral collage is out at this
moment waiting for all the late returns and other
issues to be resolved. You can clearly add to that
number the Nader vote to the whore should there be a

Texas has some quirks in its rules and I consider that
it's presence in the union is a matter of
international convienance.  Texas is it's own nation; 
that is how the constitution of Texas was set up and
adopted in 1864 in the United States Congress.

Shrub stole the credit for what the only female
Governor of Texas acomplished. He took a landslide
victory over Ann Richards because the state hates
liberals, just as the nation demonstrated with Ralph
yesterday. Her houses hated this ministers wife that
rides a pink hog (Harley) for ordering special
session, not once but three consecutive sessions. 

Should Bush become president we will reduce the amount
of oil imported by placing high tariff on all imported
oil and internal combustion engines, lower Gas Tax,
decrease industrial pollution standards. There will no
longer be a clean air act, or any control on
pollution. We will lower the cost of Autos produced in
the united states. He will commit genocide to the
northeast and Canada with industrial polution. He will
rape his children and disable this land into desert
for all following generations.  We won't need war as
we will have permitted industry to kill off our
society in the name of prosperity. Remember all of the
cities 1,000,000 plus population, in Texas have failed
the clean air act.

There will no longer be federal aid to many seniors
for a decade, The banks will gain greater cooperate
control. He believes that the poor deserve to be poor
and forgotten as a proper form of genocide. Hitler did
it to the Jews, as he attempted to create the Aryan
race. He believes the poor and disabled often need a
little help and that is what the church is for.
Therefore he hopes to disable the Disabilities
programs. I doubt that our congress will permit all of
these things to occur however that is the
possibilities if he has his way. Remember he is an oil
man of Texas.

Though I voted for the socialist that we needed, to
show my dissatisfaction wit the other two. He needs to
get real.
Lets clean up the literacy, PLEASE!

--- chance martin
<streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org> wrote:
> > There will be no revoution. It didn't happen under
> Reagan, and it's not
> > gonna happen now. That's not the country we live
> in.
> > 
> > A high price to pay, indeed. Barbara
> > 
> >>> Ralph Nader made a statement yesterday which I
> believe says it all.
> >>> If Bush gets elected,
> >> 
> >> ****it will get so bad in  the United States that
> apathy  will end.****
> >> 
> >>> If the voters only knew what a setback Bush will
> be to human rights efforts
> >> they would never elect him - unfortunately only
> the media
> >>> is in the know.  Very few journalists have
> endorsed Bush based solely
> >>> on his history of leadership in Texas where
> prisons are as bad, if not
> >>> worse, than California for inhumane conditions.
> >>> 
> >>> Ralph Nader said that tomorrow the Green Party
> will emerge as the
> >>> third largest political party in the world. 
WITH LESS THAN 2% right, the socialist needs to get a
> >>>> 

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