[Hpn] $1m Hilton Prize goes to children of Nicaragua

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$1m Prize for children of Nicaragua

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$1m Hilton Prize goes to children of Nicaragua

IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday 8 November 2000


Nicaragua's growing population of street children will be the beneficiaries 
of a $1 million prize given to the humanitarian organisation Casa Alianza, 
it was confirmed today.

The Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, the largest humanitarian award in 
the world, was presented by Queen Noor of Jordan to Casa Alianza, the first 
time a Latin American agency has received this global recognition "for their 
efforts to alleviate human suffering".

Last week, Bruce Harris, Latin American Regional Director for Casa Alianza, 
travelled to Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and Mexico with Judy Miller, 
Director of the Los Angeles based Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, to 
evaluate the huge levels of need faced by homeless children who have been 
abandoned by their families and their societies.

In a press conference at Casa Alianza's Costa Rica regional headquarters, 
Harris announced that after reflection with the Hilton Prize representative, 
it was decided that the funds will be invested in the construction of a 
permanent crisis centre for street children in Managua.

"The Casa Alianza program in Nicaragua is barely two years old and the 
demand for services by homeless children has been overwhelming," Harris 
stated. "The Nicaraguan Congress just approved the donation of 6,000m2 of 
land for a permanent home for Casa Alianza Nicaragua, which we take as a 
significant message of support from the people of Nicaragua."

Miller added: "Just because Nicaragua has been awarded the funding, does not 
mean that the other Casa Alianza programs have lost. Casa Alianza now has 
even more credibility in the eyes of the world and that should bring even 
more help to Latin America's street children."

Casa Alianza, the Latin American programs of the New York based Covenant 
House charity, first began working in the region in Guatemala in 1981 and 
has since grown to serve close to 9,000 homeless boys and girls and other at 
risk children each year.

The new crisis centre in Managua will be started as soon as the plans can be 
drawn up for the construction. "And it will be named the 'Conrad Hilton 
Crisis Center' in honour of the visionary who made this dream possible", 
concluded British-born Harris.

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation and related charities have assets of nearly 
$1.8 billion and have distributed $299 million for charitable projects 
worldwide since Conrad Hilton left the bulk of his hotel fortune to the 

* For additional information on the Hilton Humanitarian Prize or the Hilton 
Foundation, please visit  www.hiltonfoundation.org, or for Casa Alianza,  

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