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chance martin streetsheet@sf-homeless-coalition.org
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 21:31:59 -0700

and so, all our allies can see how shallow and muddied are the perspectives
of our most kind benefactors at the NATIONAL COALITION FOR "THE HOMELESS."

they can all eat shit and die. they disgust me, like the Vichey French
government under the Nazi occupation... guess that might be why they're
offering their Executive Director position to some bureaucrat scumfuck who
hasn't quite finished wiping Andy Cuomo's cum from his chin.

which is all shorthand for saying we are all FUCKED if we don't start
shutting these pretenders down -- completely. we can develop funding streams
independent of these lily-white fucks in their ivory towers who are marked
by such a patent lack of ability and imagination, but so blessed with the
gift of persuading the simple-minded to join the ranks of the AmeriKKKan

and I'm very ashamed that I ever portrayed the National Coalition for "THE
HOMELESS" in any kind of positive light. I admit I was decieved. They're
just PIMPING off our backs like all the rest of the cocksucking parasites.

sincerely (and expect no peace),

chance martin 

PS the exact words were "COCKSUCKING PARASITES." I hope you all have a
chance to beg for forgiveness before you drown in your own stinking blood.

on 11/7/00 8:13 PM, National Coalition for the Homeless at nch@ari.net

> What a fucking idiot. If Bush gets elected, women may well lose the right
> to choose, the poor get poorer, and leftist fundamentalist sink deeper into
> their dreamland.
> There will be no revoution. It didn't happen under Reagan, and it's not
> gonna happen now. That's not the country we live in.
> A high price to pay, indeed. Barbara
>>> Ralph Nader made a statement yesterday which I believe says it all.
>>> If Bush gets elected,
>> ****it will get so bad in  the United States that apathy  will end.****
>>> If the voters only knew what a setback Bush will be to human rights efforts
>> they would never elect him - unfortunately only the media
>>> is in the know.  Very few journalists have endorsed Bush based solely
>>> on his history of leadership in Texas where prisons are as bad, if not
>>> worse, than California for inhumane conditions.
>>> Ralph Nader said that tomorrow the Green Party will emerge as the
>>> third largest political party in the world.  Nader is confident that he will
>>> get 5% of the vote to qualify for federal funds and CNN is hammering
>>> this - his campaign has clearly won respect in the media - but the fear
>>> of splitting the vote and ending up with Bush still predominates.
>> on 11/7/00 4:21 PM, National Coalition for the Homeless at nch@ari.net
>> wrote:
>>>> Dear Friend of MoveOn,
>>>> According to today's Zogby poll, Bush is now TIED with Gore in
>>>> California, with Nader at 8%!.  A Nader vote in California is
>>>> definitely NOT safe, but can give California and the presidency to
>>>> Bush.
>>>> Zogby polling results for today -- Election Day -- can be viewed at:
>>>> http://www.zogby.com/features/featuredtables.dbm?ID=30
>>>> Here are the numbers:
>>>> 11/2  11/3  11/4  11/5  11/6  11/7
>>>> George Bush     40%   42%   40%   44%   44%   45%
>>>> Al Gore         43%   44%   48%   47%   45%   45%
>>>> Ralph Nader      7%    6%    5%    7%    8%    8%
>>>> Tell everyone you know to get out and vote.  Each vote is crucial.
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> - Wes Boyd
>>>> MoveOn.org
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fortunately, our dreams can accommodate your nightmares, agent Starling.

so, just exactly what have you accomplished by fanning the flames of the
status quo? there was never any real question which pimp would make his will
law. thanks for your doubt for our future. I doubt it was ever "ours" after

have a nice fucking life you sell-out fucks. I divorce you. You are unknown
to me.

chance martin
inhabitant of a better place than bottom suckers like you will ever know

Ain't the worlds best writer, ain't the world's best speller, but when
I believe in something, I'm the world's loudest yeller.   Woody Guthrie

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