[Hpn] apres election

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Tue, 07 Nov 2000 19:22:37 0

 It is 7:05 in the poppa-momma and I don't know where my country is.I haven't heard the usual news about who's ahead & where, so I probably won't hear till tomorrow who gets to be prime suspect ... I mean president. Thing is we treat them like royalty and they don't have that type of power.
  I just wish there had been more on the issues. It seemed more lije whether or not Gore is like Clinton. My opinion is that the gop has freaked badly over losing to Bill twice! And they did so want to run him out of town -why? They becer recovered from Nixon having to resign. They hate being the party of the one that had to Quit!
  On a lighter note, I just finished a wonderfuk book by Jim Hightower, IF THE GODS HAD MEANT US TO VOTE THEY WOULD HAVE GIVEN US CANDIDATES. HarperCollins c.2000.ISBN 006019393X $25 , Library Call# 937.929 HIG
  I know this isn't entirely on subject so if you know of similar works please let me know by email at  reynolds@webmail.pe.net
      "and pray we don't get fooled again" that kine has been running trough this tiny head of mine. Is it from the Who, Moby Grape? I can't recall.
    Zen hugs, jos