[Hpn] soft money for the funding of service providers

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Tue, 7 Nov 2000 12:37:31 -0800 (PST)

Donations  to the service providers are usually not
the most efficient way to deal with our causes however
it is somewhat effective.  The best way to donate is
through giving directly to those in need and generally
not in the form of cash. The advice of many service
providers are well founded, most do care and are
disalusioned by their profession.

Don't spend time in fretting over if it's tax
deductible or not as it is, if you get a receipt for
the donation.  The non-profit will use the amount that
you agree on for there own filing of matching funds. 

 If you wish to help than get your feet wet with a
grass roots exposure by directly offering services. 
Those that do this method should also get receipts for
there efforts and attach any communication that they
receive including cash receipts and thank you notes. 
This is the most rewarding experience one can get
which is fully tax deductible and 110 percent cost
effective which doesn't includes the twenty percent
administrative costs.

 You are entitled to donate in whatever manner you
desire. As an Artist I will rarely donate artwork,
because that is my profession.  Would an administrator
of social services donate one hundred percent of there
services and income.

  I am a homeless advocate. I advocate for my rights
through others, as a formerly homeless person and one
at risk. I inform my fellow homeless of how I now have
section 8 housing and am a student at a collage. I
intercede on the behalf of the church and the homeless
in the operation of homeless services, occasionally
streamlining the services.  Moreover, I demonstrate
that the homeless are NOT a disposable society within.
As an Artist I donate some time to supply the homeless
with materials that they can use in creating art.  I
donate time to local non-profit galleries for space
and opportunities to sell my work a/k/a barter. 

As a student I add diversity to the classes having
experienced a lot of the interlinking factors. I am
paying for the assistance that the fed is supporting
me with, as TEXAS has nothing to offer the poor and
disabled excluding the room and board of a cage. There
I would be committed into slavery, for three hots and
a cot. 

National statistics state that nearly half of all
funds received are in administrative costs of social
service providers across the board.  The religious
organizations are as much as twenty percent better.
Those that combine state and church run someplace in
the 40+ percent administrative cost. Federal agencies
run the highest costs, followed by Easter Seals,
United Way, State agencies have the broadest range of
administrative costs.  A reminder to the recent HUD
bookkeeping mis-appropriations find which accounted
for one of the largest errors on record.

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