[Hpn] Re: Nader Conumdrum and Anita

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Tue, 7 Nov 2000 09:52:34 -0800 (PST)

Who know what Nader might decide to do over the next
72 hours as he has the power to swing the vote should
he show cause to give them to Gore and the committie
agree. All that he is after now is the viability of a
third party. Once that that is achieved he might offer
all of his votes to Gore to win the electoral collage
vote next month. That is a phone call away. I realize
that it apears crazy but stranger deals have been made
by Bush.
--- Joseph Reynolds <reynolds@webmail.pe.net> wrote:
> Ms. Freeman,
>    I will disagree with you only in  that I intend
> to vote for Mr. Nader. I agree he has made what I to
> consider grievous errors. I however feel the others
> have made worse. ( I could be wrong, wouldn't be the
> first time)
>    The important thing is that you are voting as
> your conscience tells you. Voting the way you see as
> right is never a wasted vote. This is something
> above mere win or lose. I don't think whichever
> jamoke we vote for should divide us in any real
> manner. There are too many who want us divided -
> fighting amongst ourselves over nothing. 
>    You've told your view and we must all respect
> that. we must show you the respect others deny us or
> we help them win. Doesn't mean we have to
> agree(Goddess, that would be so boring!)
>    Vote the way you choose ,isn't that what we were
> raised to do supposedly? I'll vote as I believe I
> must but I do appreciate your words. We must never
> let the cult of personality win out. No matter who
> wins we gave to be on their case to make sure they
> don't "forget" us! 
>    Good luck Ms. Freeman and my best wishes too!
>                 Jos (website temporarily down during
> update cause I screwed up!)
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