[Hpn] The Nader Conundrum

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 21:47:26 -0800 (PST)

>I am not going to vote for Ralph Nader.
>I expect to catch some hell for this.

Anitra, I expect that you will, and I appreciate your courage for speaking
your mind on this day of decision. when support counts most.

>...I am adamantly opposed to
>anyone -- from a bureaucrat to an idealist -- who justifies the pain of
>people today because "we know what's best for them in the long run."

What did you think about the boycott of Aparteid South Africa?  Children
starved, but Aparteid ended.  Are the long range results worth those deaths?

Dr. King knew innocent children and others were dying in the Civil Rights
Movement?  Were the results, including the Civil Rights Act, worth those

>Maybe that isn't serious for you.  But I'm looking at the prospect of
>losing the right to abortion, losing all remaining vestiges of
>Affirmative Action, losing all that remains of the social safety net,
>watching the poverty of myself and my friends grow markedly worse, and
>facing the serious prospect of forced psychiatric treatment becoming
>public policy.  That's for starters.

Compare Gore and Bush, or the Democrat and Republican platforms or past
votes in Congress on each of these issues?  How great is the difference?

Is the difference in the two major partides great enough to dissuade you
from beleiving in the need to build third party or direct action
alternatives?  If so, why?

>There are many local people who have been working hard to build a
>progressive movement here.  November 30th did not happen as the result
>of one man orating, nor as the result of a spontaneous popular uprising
>-- nor even because WTO, Federal and Seattle officials were obligingly
>stupid and vicious.  It was the fruit of thousands of hours of effort by
>thousands of activists  that culminated in a popular uprising and was
>able to keep it moving.

How do votes for Democrats help "to build a progressive movement"
nationally and globally?  Could you cite expamples - in the last 20 years -
where voting for New Democrats worked in the interests of working, poor and
homeless people?

Again Anitra, I thank you for the courage to be flamed for your beliefs.
And I respect you for voting your conscience.

I will also vote mine.

Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Gadfly Tom

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